3/17/2008 Santaan Written Update

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Posted: 14 years ago
Hello I watched the live recap today so I will update for Shorti.
Anusha is mad at Kartik because he's not going to make it for dinner again. Shubh tell Anusha to calm down and Parikshit comes. They tell him how Kartik is not coming and he says I will call him. Anusha says no dad it's okay and leaves.
Parikshit and Gayatari are in their room and Shubh says I need to talk to you about something. Gayatari says now did you come to say you have to leave Neha for some work as well. Parikshit says beta if you have to go that's fine we'll take care of Neha. Shubh says yeah I have to leave but not by myself but with Neha. He says Neha finally agreed to do the operation so I want to leave asap. Parikshit says that's good I'll call Aditya and he'll arrange everything. Shubh says why don't you both decide and then I'll call Adi bhaiya and Shubh leaves.
Parikshit asks Gayatari what she thinks and she says whatever you decide is fine and Shubh is listening to them outside.
Shubh tells Kartik and Anusha our plan is not working we have to do something. Kartik says what can we do? Shubh says we have to make them sit down face to face. Kartik says are you crazy we the kids telling them what to do. Anusha says we should wait and see maybe they'll start talking to each other.
Suhana is crying and thinking back at the time when Niam got the necklace and didn't say where he got it from. She thinks about the part when he got the car for her.
Suhana comes to her parents house and Gayatari opens the door. Suhana hugs Gayatari all crying and Kartik asks her what is wrong? Suhana says I don't know if I should be complaining about my husband at my parents house but I don't know what to do? She says I think Niam is doing something illegal and everyone is shocked. Then Suhana tells them everything that has happened. Shubh says maybe Niam wanted to surprise you. Suhana says he didn't get promoted or his salary increased I know something is up. She says there is a guy named Akash and he makes the same amount as Niam but they live in very high standard. Gayatari says don't worry we'll talk to Niam and Suhana says I have tried but he's always getting mad these days. His behavior has changed a lot these couple of days. She says I feel he's in some kind of trouble just then Poornima comes and says who's in trouble and everyone is shocked. She says I know everything. She says I know this is your family matter but I have to tell you guys something regarding Niam. She tells Suhana that you've been doubting Niam and today you'll know what a trustworthy person he is. She calls Niam and Niam comes there as well. Suhana says no you don't know he's really bad. Poornima tells them how one day Niam came to her office and he said he felt guilty and wanted to resign. Poo tells him if you think you really made a mistake then you shouldn't resign but actually catch the real culprit she says it takes guts to really admit the truth. So then Niam helps Poo catch Akash and police arrest him. Niam thanks poo and returns the car keys and says he only bought it so Akash would trust him that he's on his side. He says my Suhana doesn't like all this. After listening to Poo everyone feels proud of Niam and it ends.
Posted: 14 years ago
thanks a lot!!
have u seen the last episode? if you could update that as well..it will really nice of you..Smile
Posted: 14 years ago
hey thanks so much dear.....I thought it was over but am glad its stll going on and thanks for the wonderful update
Posted: 14 years ago
thanks :D:D:D:D:D

Posted: 14 years ago
thankzx alot nice update
Posted: 14 years ago
hey rajikaur thnx so so so much 4 da update was waiting desperately
well plz do us a favour till santaan kindly try doing da updates if u can
wud b grateful
thnxz once again

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