Sangam Awards - My Selections, page 2 (updated!)

Posted: 11 years ago

Hello everyone, I have made a list for the awards that I suggested to end the Sangam era with. Here are the categories that I have devised:

Best Introduction

Best Kaveri - out of the 3 or 4 Kaveri's which one did you like best.

Best S/G moment

Best Twist

Best Romantic moment

Best Saddest moment

Best Funniest moment

Best Sidelined Character - the one who was introduced but soon forgotten.

Best Romantic Pairing

Best Negative Character

Best Positive Character

Best Song

Best Dialogues

Best Scenes

Best Sari

Best Episode

Best Female Drama Queen

Best Actor in a supporting role

Best  Actress in a supporting role

Best Transformation - from its beginning to its end of Sangam

Best Gudiya moment

Best S/G/Gudiya moment

Best Shubot moment

Best Shanta and Shubot moment

Best RM/J moment

Best Outfit (Male)

Best Outfit (Female)

Best Child Actor

These are the categories that have been decided on so far. If you have any other suggestions to improve this list or add to this list, please do not hesitate to do so.

Now what you have to do is to suggest some nominations for these categories and then a vote will be taken regarding the best in that categories (by you) and will be announced after some time.

I hope you enjoy making nominations for these.

Thank you for your participation.
Love Munira
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Posted: 11 years ago
Its  Awesome  dear ................Nominations  will  be  posted  soonly .
Great  idea !!!!!! Fabulous  Post !!!!!!
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Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by swani_saku

Its  Awesome  dear ................Nominations  will  be  posted  soonly .
Great  idea !!!!!! Fabulous  Post !!!!!!
Thank you for your lovely comments.
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Posted: 11 years ago
Wink nice.............when will the nominations be postd?
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Posted: 11 years ago
Nice idea! Eager to see who the nominations r!
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Posted: 11 years ago
Will post nomineez soon.....
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Posted: 11 years ago

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to remind everyone that anyone can post a nomination on the categories. You don't have to wait til someone posts the nominations. You make your own suggestions for the categories and they will be included in the final selections.
Best Intro - Sagar (Saving Ganga from falling over the railing)
                   Rahul Mehra
                   Sagar (post-leap)
Any other suggestions would be accepted.
Best Kaveri - I don't know the names of the actresses who played this character so if anyone knows please provide the names.
Best Sari - (In my opinion - would have to been to be the one S bought for G to wear at RM birthday party)
Other nominations would be Shanta sari that she wore at S/G sangam
Please offer other suggestions!
Best Child Actor - Gudiya
Best Romantic pairing - S/G
Happiest moment-
S proposing to G in Matheran
S/G sangam
G chasing after S at the airport
The rain dance and saying 'I love you'
S/G spending the night together
Any other suggestions?
Saddest moment-
S married Kaveri
G agreed to marry RM
When RM told G about the reasons behind his jilting her
Khurana uncle dying
G realising that Kaveri doesn't know about her and S love
S being run over after his night together with G
Best Negative Character -
Bua (G relative)
Kanchanji (Buaji)
Kaveri (when she was being horrible to G)
Best S/G moment -
Rain dance
I love Gudiya chachu over the phone
romantic proposal in Matheran
Dance in the red sari in materan
S blind and feels J is his G (in the bedroom after the phone call from the police to say Madan has escaped)
I just thought of another category which might be interesting and that is most emotional moment as there were many in Sangam.
Please add other suggestions for the categories that you may think should be added.
Other categories suggestions will be added in due time but in the meantime please make suggestions for each category that could be included in the nominations (could be from the beginning of Sangam til the end)
Thank you
Love Munira
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Posted: 11 years ago
Best Kaveri - 1. Nidhi Seth
                      2. Madhura Naik
                      3. I don't know the last one's name .

Best  Sari - the sari Ganga wore on Sagar - Kaveri's engagement .

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