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The starts with a voice that i am the world, i am filled with music and the SRGMP globe is shown. Whenever there is blood on my body i scream and cry. The Taj hotel in Mumbai is shown since the Stage is set right in front of it!

Very well set up by SRGMP and ZEE! The stage looks awesome and has a very Indian flavor to it!

The first performance is of terrorists coming on stage and killing many innocent people and then the security forces comes and saves them and some of the security personnel get killed as well!

Bharat humko jaan se bhi pyara song is played in the background.

Ajay Devgan
comes on stage, he says, we have seen how stubborn death is after November 26th, but we are even more stubborn than death. We can't let others let us down. We have to support ourselves, Jai Hind.

Now for the first time Soumen, Yashita and Vaishali come on stage they start by performing on Dum Dum Kadam. There dancers in the background as well.

Now Aditya welcomes everyone to the Live Grand Finale! Challenge to Terrorism!
He says contestants from 6 countries participated in this show, but all the three finalists are Indian!

Aditys calls each Guru and their Shishya.
Aadesh and Soumen, Pritam and Yashita, Himesh and Vaishali. But Himesh didn't come and Aditya says that Guru, shishya relationship is very unique and Himesh ji is little late as he is praying for her.😲

They show a clip of all the celebrities who came to the show, and the praises that  they gave to all the contestants. They also show some of the contestants getting eliminated.

Aditya asks Aadesh who will Win?
Aadesh - first i want to congratulate SRGMP for organizing the show here. He says what is happening all over the world right now, it's JAI HO from Slumdog Millionaire.

Pritam - It doesn't matter who wins, we have reached so for already. But the difference in votes will be 100 or 200. 😲 Lol Pritam is funny.πŸ˜†

Vaishali - i have support all the mentors, and i am confident that i will win!

All leave the stage and they show a clip of Shankar, and how for the first time he became a judge. All the fun things he did in the show.

Shankar comes on stage, he starts by singing, Sabse aagey Hindustanii! There are many dancers in the background dancing with him, and waving Indian flag.

He says let me call my Desi girl on stage Pratibha! She comes on stage, very nice sari! Shankar sings the song and she dances along with him! She was looking very Nice Today! Very good Performance by both!πŸ‘

The second song they perform is Rock n Roll Soniye! Again a very fun filled performance by both! Pratibha did a fantastic job! With the dancing and the singing. The audience goes crazy.

Shankar says i am very happy to come here, but coming at this venue in front of Taj, where such a horrific thing happened, i hope that the challenge against terrorism always stays alive. Pratibha has got the Spice sabse Buland singer award! Shankar says that, even though Pratibha has got out but she is a winner in real life, i will make her sing.

International Vote Results!!!!

Yashita #1
Soumen # 2
Vaishali #3

Now they show the journey of Aadesh in SRGMP and as a composer.

Aadesh comes on stage, he says i don't want to sing any songs from my films. I want to give a shridanjli to all the people who died fighting for the country. Ab tumhare haawale watan saathiyo. All the audiences stand up in respect. Very good performance by him!πŸ‘

Aditya comes Soumen on stage! He sings Haule Haule! I Finally we got to see a all round performance by him, singing and dancing. πŸ‘

Soumen's 2nd song is Main Agar Kahoon. Also another good performance by him! Good Voice as well!

Aditys asks Soumen how are you feeling right now. Soumen - i'am fine.

North Zone Results

Now they show the journey of Pritam so far, and how he became from operating a small band to one of the biggest music composer.

Pritam comes on stage and performs on Khit fit Soniye (sorry i don't know which song is this) and he also sings Bhool Bhulaiya. Very good singing by him even though he is a music composer.

Debojeet Dutta comes on stage and he sings Alvida along with Pritam. Plus there is also a very good performance two girls in the background climbing ropes (don't know what exactly it is called)

Big claps for Debojeet!

Aditya asks Pritam, we are here at gateway of India and lakhs of people are here while few months back it was all horror here. Is this the real spirit of India?

Pritam yes, i hope the entire world supports us with this Challenge against terrorism.  Vande Maatram

comes on stage and performs on Goalmaal! Very good performance by her and a energetic one as well. Lot's of dancing! 

Yashita also performs on Dance pe Chance Marle! Very good Performance by Her!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's really hard to do such singing when you are dancing and singing!

Yashita - I'am feeling very nice, and i just found out that i am first in two zones, so thank guys! The girls should have the same fun as the boys, before boys have won and now it's time for girls to win.

East Zone Results


Aditya calls his dad Udit Narayan and the chief of Max New York Life to give away the Prize for Dream Destination.

Udit - I want to congratulate zee for making so many stars.

Aditya now calls Deepika Paudukone on Stage. Wow she is way taller than AdityaπŸ˜†, Aditya - so many people from all over the world were waiting to see you.

I am really glad to see be here in front of Taj, and in front all the people with whom i have worked with. Shakar has done a song for us in CC2C and Pritam is doing one in my upcoming film. Through Himesh's song videos Farah found me ans casted me in Om Shanti Om.

Aditya - How are you feeling about CC2C
Deepika - it's a very nice film, i know the reaction to the film has been mixed but whatever it is, it is good. So i want to enjoy the show little more, so i will announce the results later.

Aditya now calls Asma to the stage! Lol this is the first time there was a complete dedication to Amsa rater than just using her as a comedian cum host. All actors in  Asma's film are shown, and all her funny comments.

Asma comes on stage and performs on Chunri Chunri! Very Very good!πŸ‘

Again her comedy starts! Mere liye taali maro, Aditya ke liye nahinπŸ˜†

Asma - I want to call my guru on stage now Himesh Reshamiya! The journey of Himesh so far in SRGMP is shown!

Himesh makes his grand entry by Singing, Dil bhi diya hai Jaan bhi denge.
I want to congratulate Zee TV for organizing such a great event. I am part of Zee now as i have been with them for so many years.

Himesh performs on Tandoori Nights, Aslaam Waliqum, Yeh Tera Mera Milna, Mujhe Yaad sitaye teri, Lut Jaaon us Karzz Pe, Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Zara Jhoom Jhoom, Jhalakh Dikh laja
He calls the kids on stage today as well! He had the best performance so far by any mentor, and wow so many songs by him! All were sung very well! Good Job Himesh!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you.

Ok this is weird, Aditya says that for the nextt Challenge's initial episode will be held at Shanti Pagoda or something, which is located in Essel World! So the next challenge is coming soon?

Aditya now calls upon Vaishali Mhade to come on stage. He says that she has come a long way from a village to girl and now with the support of her husband she has reached the finale of SRGMP challenge.

Vaishali Performs on Tera Bin Dil (sorry i don't know the exact song). She also performs on Yeh Ishq Hai! Both Performances were very good! Vaishali is wearing jean pants pants and top, with sport shoes. I think it's her first time with this attire.

Aditya says that SRGMP has been giving singers to the music industry for more than 15 years and now it's starting Dance India Dance from Jan 30th

Next is a performance just by dancers on the song Jai Ho and remixed with other song. And now come the three choreographers of Dance India Dance, they dance as well. There are two guys and 1 girl.

Mithun Da also comes on stage. He shakes his legs as well
Mithun -  I'm very happy to come on this stage, this show has given us so many singers, and Dance India Dance will give us great dancers. I wish all the best to the three Finalists!

West Zone Results

Vaishali # 1
Yashita # 2
Soumen # 3

Ok now the Famous Comedian VIP comes on stage.

VIP is dressed as a Paresh Rawal and he mimics him as well, lol he was very funny and mimicked many stars. Must Watch.

Aditya Calls AKSHAY KUMAR on Stage!!!
Yashita starts be performing on Aisa Jaado Dala Re! Soumen sings Everything is going to be alright! There are many kids dancing on the stage along with him. Very good performance by both of them and very well organized as well! πŸ‘

sings Teri Ore, good performance but her but not as good as compared to her other songs.

Aksahy Kumar
and lol in the back there is the Punjabi line by him from his recent film CC2C. There are reactions of audiences shown in clip, everyone says that the movie was very good.

Akshay - i want to congratulate Zee and all the people who have come here to Gateway of India. As we all know that few months back a horrible incident happened here and today after seeing all of you i am very happy.

I want to say something to all the contestants here, welcome to the industry. I want to tell them that they all need confidence i can say all the good things about them but the fact is there are some people in the industry who will throw rocks at them, and what they have to do is gather all the stones they throw at you and keep them for later on. Throw the same rocks at them when you prove that you too are capable of something.

I like Akshay he is very honest, he said that i know Aditya said that my film has been hit but that's his goodness.

The Results South Zone

Vaishali # 1
Soumen #2
Yashita # 3

Ok now all the three contestants come on stage all three ask the audience Will I Win?

Yashita - a lot of people said nooo
Soumen - even more people said naaaa
Vaishali - yayyyy, everyone

Lol now they say that we want to show all of you something about our hosts, they show clips of Aditya and in the background they play the song Gayy Gayyy Maa Da ladlaπŸ˜† and lol they make so much fun of him, and they show very funny scenes of him, must watchπŸ˜†

Aditya sings the song Tu Meri Dost, his parents are in the audience as well. Very nice performance by him.πŸ‘ Very good job by the stage dancers as well!πŸ‘

Aneek joins him later on and they perform on the song Maa Tujhe Salaam, Vande Maatram, all of them go into the audience and everyone goes craze and the mood is very upbeat.πŸ‘πŸΌ

Aditya asks Aneek how are you feeling today after coming on the same stage after you won.

Aneek - It feels very nice, especially if you are performing in front of such great people. Thanks SRGMP and Zee.

All 14 contestants from SRGMP will get a Hero Honda Bike, Abhijeet and the Hero Honda chief comes on stage to give keys to the contestants. No, not all the contestants were present there.

Harpreet, Mauli, Tarun, Himani and others are also present in the audiences.


Soumen, Yashita and Vaishali perform on Chadini Chowk To China Song.
All were good, i think there last performance.πŸ‘

Akshay and Deepika Come on Stage!
- is there any incidents from the film you want to share with us
Akshay- it was very nice to work with Mithun Da
Deepika- most memorable for me was the shooting at great Wall of China


Announced by Deepika - 2nd runner up SoumenπŸ‘

Akshay i want to take a breakπŸ˜†

Aditya calls many delegates to the stage to announce the Winner

Akshay - The winner is Vaishali!πŸ‘

The first Runner up is YashitaπŸ‘

All three contestants get trophies.

Yashita - i am feeling very nice that i have reached so far, i never expected this!!! Thanks everyone

Vaishali get's the trophy, and she get's the 50 lakh contract. Vaishali is crying and her husband is very excited!

CEO of ZEE NETWORK makes an announcement, about the show and how far Zee has progressed so far.

Hero Honda CEO also makes an announcement and congratulates all three contestants!

Vaishali- I want to congratulate my Mentor for supporting me so much, all the time! Thanks to him I reached this far. Thanks to everyone else who voted for me!

Vaishali  has won a Rs 50-lakh music contract with Zee TV, a Hyundai i10 car and Sony LCD TV.

Indian National Anthem is Played. Everyone stands up!πŸ‘πŸΌ

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Unknown source:- Soumen on first position n votings.....

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International Voting results:
1. Yashita
2. Shoumen
3. Vashali
--Aditya just announced.
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Round 12

1.Aaj raat ko jashan kahan hai? Won by Shez 100 Points 50 Bonus to OBJ Where's the Party Tonight

2.Vishal and Shekhar are also shown in this song and the actor in the film sung this song. Won by Shez 100 Points Right Here Right Now (Bluffmaster)

3. The song that was played in the background during Satuday's show when Ujjaini came on stage. Won by Shez 70 Points Oh Sikander (Company)

4.The taxi driver either take Rupaiya, dollar ya pound Won by Shez 90 Points and 50 Bonus to Dabulls23. Meter Down

5. Yeh to sach hai ki bhagwan hai....   50 Points each to Shez, Dabulls23, and 4fun10 Hum Saath Saath Hai

6. Kunal Ganjawal, Arshad warsi. This clue was wrong sorry it was supoose to be Kailash Kher. 4fun10, Dabulls23, Shez EACH GET 100 and Girija Babu get's 50 Toota Toota ek Parinda aise Toota

7.White white se ladke Won by Shehzaadi91 100 Points Gore Gore se shore

8. Sada....... father  one day we will fly away Won by Dabulls23 100 Points Sada Cheediyan da Chamba ve.

9.If you dance with me girl, i will put bangles on you, Anklets on you Won by Shehzaadi 100 Points, 50 Bonus to Dabulls Nach Baliye (Bunty aur Babli)

10. Mein Patiala peg laga ke puri drunk ho gayi Won by Girija Babu 100 Points, 50 Bonus to Sjez and Dabulls23 Mei Talli Ho Gayi

Round 12 Results!

Shehzaadi           760

OBJ                         50

Dabulls23             400

Girija Babu           150

4fun10                   150

ROUND 11! This will be entirely in Pictures! Either stills from the song or related to the Lyrics

      Won By Piya Bawri 100 Points Hum Ek Kamre Band Hai

2.     Won By Piya Bawri 100 Points Namak Ishq Ka

3. Won by Dabulls23 100 Points Bonus Points 50 to Surkilaa Aaj Mei Uppar Aasman Niche

    Won by Dabulls23 70 Points Bonus 50 to Girija Babu East or West India is the Best

     Won By Dabulls23 100 Points Kaanta Laga

     Won by Dabulls23 100 Points Chak de India

7. This is a still from that Song!!!

Won by Dabulls23 Beedi Jaliley

8. This is a still from that song.

Won by Dabulls23 100 Points Aa gayi Lohri Ve (Veer Zaara)


   Won by NF 100 Points Ande ka Funda

Apparently this was very tough even after giving Many Tips. Won by    Shehzaadi91 200 Points and bonus 100 to Surkilla. Pardesiya yeh sach hai piya.... phoolon mein kaliyon mein, gaon ki galiyon me hum dono badnaam hone lage Nadia Kinare


Dabulls23                          570

Shehzaadi91                    200

Surkilla                              150

NF                                       100

Piya Bawri                         200

Girija Babu

If you Don't know how to play Here are Brief set of Instructions!

  • Whenever a new round Starts I post a clue/Question related to a particular song
  • What you have to do is guess which song it is and whoever is the first one to guess it right get's 100 Points. But Point's decrease in Value after each unsuccessful attempt. IF YOU POST THE RIGHT SONG WITHING THE SAME MINUTE AS THE PREVIOUS POSTER YOU TOO WILL GET Half the original POINTS!
  • Once I declare the person as right, I then post a different clue/question. In total there are 10 Questions in each round. Every time I post a new clue/question I will update the title of the topic to let you guys know a new question has been posted.


1.If you lie then a crow will bite you. Won By OBJ 100 Points Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kate

2.We and You are sad Won by WA after Tip 50 Points Hum Tum Sad Version

3. I was in Europe once, touring from one country to another in a train. But I missed my train and I had to stay in a old stable with a guy btw(I am a girl). While in the stable i got drunk and started singing this song. Won by NF 100 Points Zara sa Jhoom Lu Mein DDLJ

4.In this song SRK is shirtless and dancing with Preity. Won by Moon Sparkle 100 Points Jiya Jale (Dil Se)

5.In this song the Actress in dancing with two other girls. All three are wearing white. Won by NF 100 Points and Bonus 50 to WA Taal

6.Nine bangles Won by WA 100 Points and Moon Sparkle Bonus 50 Points Mere Haanthon Mei Nau Nau Choodiyan Hai

7. This song starts by a guy telling his friend that I love you and the girl gets really happy but then he says how will I say this to the girl I love. She then sings this song. Won by NF 90 Points Tujhe Yaad Na Meri aaye KKHH

8. What song do you think they are dancing on. Pay special attention to the Arms. This flapping movement is done a lot in this song. Won by Piya Bawri 70 Points Woh Ladki Hai Kahan (Dil Chahta Hai)

9. The girl says "In the fight of love I broke my bangles" The boy says "In the fight of love I woke up alone in my blanket" Won by Piya Bawri 100 Points Sajan tumse pyar ki ladai mein tut gayi chudiyan kalayi mein

10.Har dil vich Khwaishan hundiyan aan, par koi samaj da nahi Won by Piya Bawri 100 Points Tinka Tinka Zara Zara

Results of ROUND TEN

PIYA BAWRI                          270

NF                                            290

WA                                           200

MOON SPARKLE                 150

OBJ                                          100


1. Emotional "Torture" Won By Shehzaadi after Tip 50 Points Emotional Attayachar (Dev D)

2.If you love then express your love Won by Cal Gal 100 Points Kisise Tum Pyar Karo

3. You Should Die Husband Eater Won by Shezaadi after Tip 50 Points Marjaani Billo Barber

4. Seven Colours Won by Cal Gal 100 Points Satrangi Re

5. A song related to this Picture. Won by Shezaadi 80 Points Bonus 50 each to Shez and Cal Gal Singh Is King

6.One of the leads in this film is now married in real life and the other is still unmarried. The actress in the film is wearing a yellow suit during this song + there are many family members dancing in this song. Won by Girija Babu 100 Points Bonus 4o to Shezaadi Didi Tera Dewar Deewana

7. This song is full of life. In the film the people are just jumping up and down. The entire song is set on a ship. There are many couples dancing in this song Won by Shezaadi after a Tip 50 Points Sajna Ji Vaari (Honeymoon Travels)

8.Mera chain bhi chori kar liya aur neend bhi kharab kar di Won By 4fun10 100 Points Bonus 5o each to Shez and Cal Gal Mujhe nind naaye mujhe chain na aye

9.I am looking for my Love I don't know where it is lost, no evil eye should cast on my love Won by Shezaadi after a Tip 50 Points Dil Deewana Dhoond Raha Ha (Chand Ka Tukda)

10. A Song with these two words in it, Punjabi and Gujrat Won by 4fun10 and Cal Gal 100 Points each Dil Leygi Kuri Gujrat Di

Results of ROUND NINE!

SHEHZAADI91                       430

CAL GAL                                 400

4FU10                                       200

GIRIJA BABU                         100


Mumbai's Don has a Doctoral Degree. WON By Shehzaadi91 100 Points Munna Bhai MBBS

2. This is a still from this Song.
Won By Shehzaadi91 100 Points and Bonus 5o to Cal Gal Bhaagey Re Man Bhaagey

3. Almost the entire song is picturized on these three actors in a car. Won by Shehzaadi91 100 Points Dil Chahta Hai

4. Whenever I go to a dollar store, I see this word written behind almost every product. Name a song which contains this word. Won by Shehzaadi91 100 Points Chandini Chowk To China

Ladies and Gentlemen... Ah Forget It. WON By Shehzaadi91 100 Points Say Shaava Shaava

6. Title song in which a so called student is shown dancing with his teacher. All the girls are wearing red in this song. WON By Cal Gal 100 Points and 50 Bonus Points to Shehzaadi91 Gori Gori Main Hoon Na

7. In this song the girl is asking the boys around her what are you looking at? Won By WA 100 Points and Bonus by Shehzaadi 50 Dekhta Hai Tu Kya

8. Sadke Jaava, Yashita ta puri Rocking aa! Won by NF 100 Points and 50 Bonus by Shehzaadi91 It's Rocking

9. Our Mod Raj would like to sing this song to all the members here. A clue lies in Raj's Picture. After Many attempts won by CAL GAL Bonus 50 to Shehzaadi and 25 to NF Hum Nahin Hai Tere Dushmano se (Hungama)

10. Bibi ji dekho tuhada munda Bigad geya. Two songs apply to this clue Won by Shez 250 Points and Bonus 50 to NF Amma Vekh Tera Munda Bigda Jave and Maa da Laadla Bigad Geya

BONUS Question! 200 Points

A song from a Punjabi Movie. It's sung by Feroz Khan. The actress in the Movie is Kulraj Randhawa

Won by Shezaadi 200 Points and NF with 150 Points Paani Diyan Challan and Umra Di Saanj Both songs from Mannat


Shehzaadi91                           1150

Woh Ajnabee                           100

Cal Gal                                       250

NF                                               325



The name of the movie is related to what we had lot's off, here on SRMGP forum last year. There are two actresses dancing with the male lead in this song  and one is portraying a good role in the film and the other who is portraying a bad role. Won by OBJ 80 Points Mere Mehaboob Mere Sanam

This song is shot entirely in a college auditorium, for the occasion of "Farewell to third year students". The name of the college is Rajput College! Won By OBJ 100 Points Papa Kehte Hain

3.This song is mostly picturized on the sister of Big Brother winner and the music  for the song was composed by Vishal Shekhar. Won By OBJ 70 Points! Mind Blowing Mahia

4.The media(news channels) play this song a lot when they are talking about Salmaan's personal life. Won by CAL GAL 150 Points and Bonus to OBJ 50! Tadap Tadap, was one but also just chill chill, Tere Naam

5.Convenience Stores are open 24 ghante and saat din Won by NF 90 Points 27X7 I think of you

The song in which the male lead wakes up and starts singing about the girl he has seen and how he feels. The male lead in the movie is someone whose daughter too acts in bollywood now, in fact she has a movie releasing in February. Won by Nf 100 Points Bonus 50 to WA Ek Ladki ko dekha

7.There is no dancing in this song. The song is just played in the background with the story of the film moving along. "There are twin kids shown in this song" Won by WA after a Tip 40 Points Teri Yaad Yaad (Bewafaa)

8.In this song, a small boy is in love with a older girl but she doesn't notice him so he goes and prays in a Buddhist Temple and he turns older, same age as the girl. But in the end he was just dreaming all of this. It's an album not film. Won by Shehzaadi91 100 Points and Bonus 50 to NF Chalne Lagi Hai Hawaein

9.The sun's rays are so strong these days that, I can't lift my curtains, I have to keep all the rays from the sun in the curtain. Won by NF after Tips 50 Points! Parde Mein Rehne Do

10.The Music directors for this song are SEL. A romantic Song. O ho ho, o ho, o ho ho ho. The actress in this film also acted in Lagaan. Won by Shehzaadi 91 100 Points Meri zindagi mein  (Armaan)


OBJ                              300

Cal Gal                        150

Woh Ajnabee             90

Shehzaadi91             200




The title song of the film whose  male lead was over 60 and the female lead under 40. Won By 4fun10 Cheeni Kum

2.Title song of the film in which SRK has a special appearance. Salman and two other actresses are in the main lead.  Won by 4fun10 Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

3.This was the actress first film and it was released in 1996. There is a hint for this on the front page of India Forums Star Plus. Won by NF 100 Points and Bonus 50 By 4fun10 Raja ki aayegi Baarat

4. 56 After tip won by 4fun10 and WA, 50 Points each Dil haara (Tashan)

5. The King and Baadsha acted in this film and the Baadsha's Bahu is also in the film. Name the title song! NF and 4fun10 100 Points each and cal-gal 50 Points Kajra Re

6. Janam Din ki Mubark baad Won by NF 100 Points and WA 50 Points Baar Baar Din ye aaye

This Romantic song was sung by a famous Pakistani singer in the 70's or 80's now the same song sung by Shreya Ghoshal.
This is the picture of the singer of the old version of the song. Won by WA after a tip 50 Points. Agar Tum Mil Jao

8. A song sung by Sonu and a female singer. We have Come so far..... Won by NF 100 Points and Bonus Points to WA and Dabulls23 50 each. Hum Badi Door Chale Aaye Hain

9. A song on soldiers missing their home. It's sung by Sonu Won by NF 100 Points and Bonus 50 to 4fun10 Sandese aate hai

10. In the singer's first album and this song is related to his own personal life and achievement. The singer was in JJWS. Won by Cal Gal 100 Points and 50 Bonus to WA Abhijeet's Mohabatein Lutanaoonga


NF                                    400

4fun10                            450

Cal Gal                            100

Daubbuls23                   50

WA                                   250


Round FIVE! Since the last one was tough here is a easy one!

.Title song of the Maudhuri, Karishma starrer. Won by NF 100 Points! Dil to Pagal Hai

A song in which the real life father in law the bahu, and the son danced together. Won by Cal Gal 100 Points, and Bonus to NF, WA 50 Points each! Kajra Re

3. A song by which a member here got inspired. Won By Woh Ajnabee 90 Points Woh Ajnabee (The Train)

4.Title song of the film in which the actor breaks the steering of the car while driving it! In the end of this film is a funny scene where the house is about to fall off a cliff. Won by NF 90 Points! Welcome

5.The song that Alka and Pritam sung in today's episode! Won by WA 100 Points and Bonus to NF/Cal Gal 25 each Bakhuda

6. Title song of the film in which the actor has an affair with another women and in order to get him back his wife sends his entire family to the houese where her husbad is living with his girlfriend to bother him and keep a track on him. Won By WA 100 Points Biwi No 1

7. A song in which the male lead makes fun of the guy whose wedding he is attending. Won By WA 40 Points after many tips. Bonus Points to NF and WA 50 Each Bhootni Ke

8. A song which contains the words "gaddi" and "dil" Won by WA 100 Points. Mai Nikla Gaddi Leke (Gadar)

9. My favorite song, it's played in Kasamh Se a lot. Clue "manzil" Won by WA 100 Points Suna Suna

10. A song sung by one of the mentors of SRGMP 2009. The song has two couples dancing in it. Won by Shehzaadi91 50 Points! Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

Results of Round Five!

Woh Ajnabee                 630

NF                                     265

Cal Gal                             125

Shehzaadi91                  60


ROUND FOUR! The hardest so far!

A song in which the lead are shown sleeping in their balcony in one of the scene.Won by NF 50 Points and OBJ 30 Points Bheegay Hont (Murder)

2.The entire song is shot in one place a haveli and has a Rajasthani feel to it. SRK is one of the actor. Won By NF 100 Points Kagna Re (Paheli)

3. I will put Sugar into your mouth. There is also a small boy singing a part of this song in the movie. Won by PiyaBawri 100 Points Mu Vich Khand Pama (Gadar)

4.The actress plays a double role in this film and one of her character name is Naina Seghal. The song is sung by Udit and Lata.WON by NF 100 Points and OBJ 50 Points! Awaz do Humko

5. A  similar song in two films with one film released in the 90's and the other in the 2000's. The actress in both the films is same.  Name the 2000's song. None one Won! Mannatan from Heroes and Pehli Pehli Baar from Sagharsh

This song is shot somewhere in Europe and in the background there are houses painted all white. The film's name is one word written twice. Won by Piya 100 Points  Tauba Tumhare ye Ishare (Chalte Chalte)

7. A song in which the actor is wearing black kurtaπŸ˜† Won by Cal Gal and Piya 100 Points Each! Bumro (Mission Kashmir), and Nagada

8.The actor and the actress participate in many wild sports in this song. The actor in the film only had one release in 2008. Won by Cal-gal 40 Points Chali Aayee Chali Aayee (Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon)

9. The Towel drop! Won by Piya Bawri 100 Points! Saawariya

Results of Round 4

PiyaBawri                   400    

Cal Gal                         140

OBJ                              80

NF                                 250




1. A song which is based on a fruit of which we make Shikanji. Now if you don't know what shikanji is then u have to search that.πŸ˜‰ Won By Woh Ajnabee! 100 Points! Nimbooda

2. Aditya Narayan acted in this film and this song is set at Fatehpur Sikri (it's like a haveli, fort) Won by Shehzaadi91! 90 Points! Do dil Mil Rahe Hain (pardes)

3. The Patriotic song that Vaishali sung this season!(easy one) Won by NF 80 Points! Satayam Shivam Sundaram

4. Title song of the film in which SRK and the female lead worked at a T.V Station Won by NF 100 POINTS! Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

5. The title song of the film which was released in 1998. The couple who was in the film married a year later in real life. Won by NF 100 Points! Pyar to Hona Hi Tha

6.Title song of the Movie which was based on a Play Written by William Shakespeare. Won by Woh Ajnabee 100 Points and NF 50 Points! Omkara

7. This is the still from that movie, you have to name the title song of this Movie Won by NF! 100 Points Raja Hindustani

8. The Jag looks lonely when no one whom you know is around. Won by NF 100 Points! Jag Soona Soona Lage OSO

9. After this song most actors were more conscious about their Body Won by NF 100 Points! Dard e Disco

10. Ritesh is in this film but there is a special appearance by someone in this song. Won by NF 100 Points! Mast Kalandar (Heyy Baby


NF                            730

WA                           200

Shehzaadi             90


ROUND TWO! This will be harder!

1. A song, set in a Village(fields) and it's movie contains a name of a city. Won by shehzaadi91! 90 Points Rafta Rafta Namastey London

2. A song in which the girl and the guy are telling how good their country is, the movie has Rani as one of it's actress. Won by shehzaadi91! 100 Points Aisa Des Hai Mera Veer Zarra

3.Song which contains the word Mughle azam in it that is not from the movie Mughleazam Won by shehzaadi91! 100 Points Man Gaye Mughleazam

4. The title track of the most recent film whose male and female leads were both over 50 years old. Won by shehzaadi91! 100 Points Bhaghban

5. Commit Suicide Happily.Won by shehzaadi91! 100 Points Kushi se Khud kushi Kar le

6. This Song is picturized on 5 couples but in the movie there are six couples. Won by shehzaadi91! 100 Points Salaam e Ishq

7. Title song of the Movie starring Akshay Kumar, Salman and Priyanka! Won by NF. 100 Points! Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

8. He has a MBA but he can't dance Won by NF 100 Points! Pappu Can't Dance

9. A song in which the female lead is telling her mother about a man who comes in her dream. It's a 90's film Won by Shehzaadi91! 100 Points Mere Khwabon me Jo aaye DDLJ

10.A bhajan (religious song) made into a popular song. Won by NF 100 Points and Shehzaadi 50 Points Hare Ram Hare Krishna

Results of ROUND TWO

Shehzaadi91                  740

NF                                     300

Congrats Round Three will be coming in hour or so



1. The title song of the film in which the leads play the role of thieves and even sell Taj Mahal. Won by PiyaBawri 100 POINTS Bunty Aur Babli

2. I have seen London, Paris and Japan Won by NF 100 POINTS I Love my India

3.The son is video graphed in this song in the new version of the film and in the old version it was his father who did the same song. Won by Piya Bawri 100 Points Bachna ae Haseeno

4.This bhangra song was played in the ending of this 2007 film. Won by NF 100 Points Mauja Mauja

5. This is the Still from that song. Won By Piya Bawri! 100 Points Marjani Billo Barber

6. A song in which Karishma Kapoor calls her co-actor a joker. Won By Piya Bawri! 100 Points Raja Hindustani

7. A song in which we saw a totally new modern avatar of Aishwaraya Rai. Won by PiyaBawri 100 Points Krazy Kiya Re

8. Title Song from Govinda and Salman's most recent film. Won by Piya Bawri Partner

9.The song is video graphed on Akshay, Salman and Preity Won by cal-gal Hamko Mallon Hai Jaaneman

10. A song in which the actress dresses up in many different outfits and it's set in the mountains. Tough one won by PiyaBawri with 50 Points! Yeh Ishq Hai Jab We Met


PiyaBawri                         650

NF                                       200

Cal Gal                               100


The points will be accumulated round after round and in the end whoever has the most point will be declared as the Musical Maestro!

IMPORTANT ' Please only reply if you are answering the question, if you want to comment on anything else then please wait till the round finishes then you guys can discuss what you want.

ROUND 11! This will be entirely in Pictures! Either stills from the song or related to the Lyrics

      Won By Piya Bawri 100 Points Hum Ek Kamre Band Hai

2.     Won By Piya Bawri 100 Points Namak Ishq Ka

3. Won by Dabulls23 100 Points Bonus Points 50 to Surkilaa Aaj Mei Uppar Aasman Niche

    Won by Dabulls23 70 Points Bonus 50 to Girija Babu East or West India is the Best

     Won By Dabulls23 100 Points Kaanta Laga

     Won by Dabulls23 100 Points Chak de India

7. This is a still from that Song!!!

Won by Dabulls23 Beedi Jaliley

8. This is a still from that song.

Won by Dabulls23 100 Points Aa gayi Lohri Ve (Veer Zaara)


   Won by NF 100 Points Ande ka Funda

Apparently this was very tough even after giving Many Tips. Won by    Shehzaadi91 200 Points and bonus 100 to Surkilla. Pardesiya yeh sach hai piya.... phoolon mein kaliyon mein, gaon ki galiyon me hum dono badnaam hone lage Nadia Kinare

Edited by - 14 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
North Zone Results:
1. Yashita
2. Vashali
3. Shoumen
Posted: 15 years ago
Pritam and Debo - singing well,  huge crowd.

Aditya in all silky black is looking silky but sure has grown in confidence.

Yashita is all charged up and singing golmaal golmaal now. Seriously with SRGM everything is golmaal as far as results are concerned. πŸ˜†

Edited by raj5000 - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
East Zone:
1. Shoumen
2. Vashali
3. Yashita
Posted: 15 years ago
Deepika in White Sari is on stage now... btw her one ear ring is longer then the other... πŸ˜†Edited by raj5000 - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
^ lol i think its new fashion...have seen many ppl like that
wonder if adi will performπŸ€” and i think soumen is leading ...vaishali
Edited by mehvish_armaan - 15 years ago
Posted: 15 years ago
Originally posted by mehvish_armaan

^ lol i think its new fashion...have seen many ppl like that
Are you serious?.. so the big round circus rings have been replaced by unequal length earings...nice goingπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Finall eveyone fav. Asma is here is gliterring dress...and finally the MANN HR ki entryπŸ˜‰πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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