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Posted: 15 years ago
So for ages we've been glued to our favorite tele serial and its tragic and abrupt end had left us all with that very noglastic feeling...
I guess my state would be diagnosed as: Kyunki Denial
I still "pretend" that Kyunki is going on and Tulsi is fighting one ridiculous battle or the other, even though I know its done, I still wonder what the storyplot would be today if it were to still go on...
I miss the year 2006 &2007 as for me were my favorite tracks appeared and it had the very essence of Kyunki 'magic'...
well, now all is gone and lost, and I guess after many heartbreaks this past year [2008] Pulkit's exit and end of the mega serial Kyunki, and along with other serial heartbreaks...I guess this is a sign for me to move on...
This is a hard path to go by, but looking at the oh so very active forum of Kyunki today, I just have to wonder how did everyone get over Kyunki so easily... or am I being just butt stubborn??
Seriously what happened to the notorious fights of Tanya vs KN or Tulsi vs Mandy or LKT vs EKT or anything else in that matter...?? They died down faster than the show did😕
Did everyone bid alvida so fast and bounce?


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Posted: 15 years ago
NO I MISS IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! i hope it starts up again....
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Posted: 15 years ago
I cannot forget it so easily as it is still going on in my country and according to my estimations i got about a little less than 2 years to watch it
Posted: 15 years ago

Actually most members have left the forujm....including The KN ians and T no more fights and nothing.😛

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Posted: 15 years ago
I just wish to seee the magical moments from 2006 - jan 2008..........or else....since jan 15....this show was dead for me....
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Posted: 15 years ago
i don't understand. How can it just end like that???
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Posted: 15 years ago
i love kyunki nd i miss it tooooo much :(
i really hope it comes back
& thanks for putting up this post, it brings back good memoris bout us "discussing" bout kyunki (:

-kiran <3
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Posted: 15 years ago
I'm still waiting for it to restart. I'm logging into the website everyday to see whether there is any good news. Anyway hope it will be back