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Posted: 14 years ago

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Posted: 14 years ago
Wasana: Shree deals with the supernatural

After saas-bahu sagas and soaps revolving around child artists it's now time for the supernatural elements to take centre stage. Actress Wasana Ahmed will play the lead in a soon to be launched show called Shree.

Shree is a beautiful love story of Shree and Hari. It is a unique combination of love and emotions along with a supernatural element. The story is about a negative power that revolves around Hari. Shree and Hari love each other but even at the time of their marriage and after their marriage too they face many problems due to this negative influence," explains Wasana.

Very excited about her character, Wasana says, "I am playing Shree, the daughter of a pujari who is a shiv bhakt. She is very innocent, cute but also gets scared of small things very easily. How she fights to get her love is what Shree is about."

The actress says she shares something in common with her on-screen character. "Both Shree and Wasana are darrpoks! One thing I can tell you for sure is that Wasana is very scared of lizards!" she laughs.

Wasana Ahmed was last seen in Balaji's Kasauti which still remains special to her. "Balaji is my second home and Kasauti Zindagi Kay was the first break given to me by Ektaji. I respect and admire her truly and she will always remain my idol."

Shree will commence from Monday at 10:30 pm on Zee TV.

  • Vandana Shukla, Hill Road Media
  • Friday, December 19, 2008
  • Posted: 14 years ago

    Supernatural love story on Zee, Shree..

    Shree, Hats Off's supernatural love story on Zee will kick-off on 22nd December at the 10.30 pm slot..

    A love story and a paranormal angle are being blended together to form a show like Shree on Zee TV. The creatives proclaim that Pavitra bandhan oar ashubh saya which amply substantiates the combination of two distinctively separate storyline in a seamless lattice.

    On the launch of the show, J. D Majethia, Producer, Hats Off Production said, "This is the first of its kind with a supernatural element in it."

    We asked him the reason for such a show with a different storyline. "We as producers also want to experiment, or else things become monotonous. People have also started accepting something different today, so I thought of experimenting," he adds further.

    Won't this show promote superstition about spirits in masses? "This will not evoke public, but will kick off the superstitious thoughts from their minds. I can only say that you will understand once you watch the show", avers JD.

    Can the show be termed as a horror story? "Not at all, we had to keep the thin line in mind between mystery and horror. Shree is a family drama which includes emotions, humor, love and mystery. There is an emotion like fear which is the super natural element, but not horror," states the Producer.

    J. D also feels that creating comedy is important, but one needs to experiment. "The day you stop experimenting, your growth in the industry will stop," he concludes.

    The star cast for the show includes new comers like Wasna Ahmed (Shree) and Pankaj Singh Tiwari (Hari). Hari is the ideal son-in-law for every Gujarati family looking for a prospective groom. But ever since his parents have started looking for a match for him, there have been 12 rejected proposals. The family tantrik infers that there is a presence of an ashubh saya on Hari that is preventing him from getting married and recommends looking for a daunting, brave girl who will be able to ward off the evil spirit; the spirit bent to foil all efforts of anyone trying to get married to Hari. Enter Shree, timid and an unassuming girl, the least likely person to ward off the ashubh saya, who is scared of her own shadow…

    Will Shree be able to stake her claim to Hari by defeating the paranormal forces? Let's see whether this show wins the heart of audience or horrifies them…

    The show is to be launched on 22 December from Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm.

    Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi
    Posted: 14 years ago

    When all got 'Spooky' for the writer...

    The writer of the show Shree had a weird experience when penning down a situation related to the spirit in the show...

    'Shree', Hats Off Productions' upcoming show on Zee, has already made it to the headlines for being a unique show with a love story intermixed with a supernatural element. And as per the title (Shree which suggests a 'Shubh Aarambh'), a havan was organized to set things rolling during the launch.

    However, Jayesh Patil, the writer of the show had a rather unusual experience while writing the script. "I have been working on this script for nearly 6 months now. But recently, I got such a weird feeling that I had to take a break from writing. And I went for a vacation of 20 days to the USA", quips Jayesh.

    "This happened when I was describing more about the character of Kalpana, the spirit in the show. I was penning down a particular situation and the manner in which she reacts. I got too engrossed in the story that I really felt that Kalpana existed near me", adds the writer.

    Jayesh immediately shared this weird experience with J.D. Majethia and opted for a break. "I told him everything and he immediately gave me the permission to take off from work and go out of the country", adds he.

    Ask him whether he now believes in supernatural powers, and he articulates, "I do love to believe it, but within the limits of entertainment".

    Wonder how the viewers will feel when they see the same spirit on screen??

    Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

    Posted: 14 years ago

    'Shweta Tiwari is my idol in television' - Wasna Ahmed

    Wasna Ahmed talks about her perfect date, her inspiration in the industry and much more in our weekly rapid fire special...

    Your Nick Name: My entire family calls me by the name, Wasu. Nobody at home calls me Wasna.
    You feel calm when: I am with my family.

    The actor you are comfortable sharing screen space with:
    Shweta Tiwari and Pankaj, my co star in Shree. 

    Your Secret Desire: I want my show to rock, and I am expecting a lot from this show. 
    Plan a date with a Bollywood Actor: SRK and me on a white sand beach with white flowers all around us. SRK should be in a black suit with a red rose in his hand. Since I don't drink, we should be served with only juices and a delicious dinner to follow.

    Favorite Singer:
    Sonu Nigam

    Any Memorable Moment on sets:
    The first day of my shoot for Shree, where the whole unit gathered at Wahi.
    The Song that is always on your lips:
    The song from Ghajini, Guzarish.

    You Idol in the Industry: In television, it has to be Shweta Tiwari. In Bollywood, It is Sridevi and Madhuri.

    Favorite Place: Has to be Kolkata.

    Best Gift you have ever received: My Jiju recently gifted me a crystal star, and told me that this will bring me luck, and is for a great and better future when it comes to my career. That was a very touching moment for me.

    The First thing you do once you get up in the morning: I say one line daily as soon as I get up. 'Mera Din Aaj Ache Se Jaaye', and I sit silently for at least half an hour before getting up. 

    Reporter and Author: Ranjini NairEdited by Candylover - 14 years ago
    Posted: 14 years ago
    She just can't scream!
    Ranjib Mazumder
    Friday, December 26, 2008  23:59 IST


    You have to scream and run. That's what Wasna Ahmed just can't do. Well, she's part of a supernatural show, Shree, on Zee TV produced by JD Majethia and Wasna cannot scream the way the makers of the show want her to.

    As she is playing a rural character, she needs to run in a certain manner which again, she is finding it a tad too difficult.

    Says a unit member, "In certain scenes she needs to scream her lungs out. Moreover, her walking style is also a huge problem for the production house as it doesn't look like somebody from a village is walking. But, she is a good sport and always ready to learn. The production house is busy supervising her on both these departments and she is learning very fast."

    The story of Shree revolves around Hari, a typical Gujarati boy whose would-be marriage seems to have an evil spirit eyeing it and preventing it from happening. Enter Shree who will ward off the evil spirit. Wasna who plays the lead role of Shree, says, "Yes. It's been a little difficult for me to shout at the top of my voice. The reason being I am not used to screaming and it doesn't come to me very easily. But, I am
    giving my best effort and everyone on the sets will vouch for it."

    Though she is doing a supernatural show, Wasna in real life is quite scared of horror movies. "I always stay away from scary movies or shows. But I took the show because it's a very different and challenging role. In fact, the best so far in my career," Wasna ends.

    Posted: 14 years ago
    'Ashubh Saaya' starts haunting Shree already.

    The show is yet to begin but perhaps the ashubh saaya (unlucky shadow) that will be seen haunting Shree and Hari in the show has started affecting them already.

    Recently, the entire unit of Shree had to shoot for a Samuh Vivaah (group marriage) sequence in a temple at Vasai but they were forced to return due to some problems.

    A source tells us, "When the entire unit of the to be launched television daily Shree got down to start the shoot at Tungareshwar temple, located on the outskirts of Vasai, they had to pack their bags and return to Mumbai. The entire set has been shifted to Film City in Goregaon."

    "We were supposed to shoot for Samuh Vivaah meaning group marriage where we hundred people in all. As soon as we landed there, the priest and the police told us that we could not shoot there as this would obstruct and distract the devotees of the Tungareshwar God from seeking blessings as at 100, our number was large. Secondly the priest had some issues as they weren't fine the concept of Samuh Vivaah," informs lead actress Wasna Ahmed.

    The local authorities including the temple priest, police men and locals protested against the shoot. Due to this, the entire cast and crew was forced to pack up halfway and change their location from Tungareshwar to Film City.

    Considering the concept of the show, which deals with supernatural powers and occurences, we can't help but wonder whether this incident was also an example of the same?

    "Ho sakta hai…nahi aisa kucch bhi nahi tha, baat sirf itni si thi ki shooting ki vajah se bhakto ke aane jaane mein baadha aa rahi thi isliye pandit ji ne humein set shift karne ko kaha," signs off Wasna.

    Shree starts on Monday at 10 pm on Zee TV.

  • Vandana Shukla, Hill Road Media
  • Saturday, December 20, 2008
  • Posted: 14 years ago

    Ketkie, the spirit in Zee's Shree..

    Ketkie who plays Nandini in Jassuben Jayantilal.. will play the spirit in Zee's Shree...

    Zee's supernatural show Shree, produced by Hats Off Production has garnered lot of praise in the initial weeks, courtesy the gripping story line with the right mix of family drama and suspense.

    According to the present track, there is a supernatural power that is coming in the way of the protagonist Hari aka Pankaj Tiwari's marriage. As love blossoms between Hari and Shree (Wasna Ahmed), the plot thickens on the identity of the spirit and the reason behind all this.

    The buzz doing rounds is that Ketkie who plays Nandini in Jassuben Jayantilal Ki Joint Family will be entering Shree, and the actress has bagged the meaty role of the spirit in the show.

    According to our source, "Ketkie will be playing the spirit that wants to get Hari. The story related to her past is that Kangna (Ketkie) was in love with Hari, and was very much possessive about him. Her character in the show will be similar to Urmila Matondkar's in the movie Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. Kangna unfortunately dies, but her spirit still hunts for Hari and wishes to get him. This is the reason why the spirit does not allow Hari to get married to any other girl".

    We tried calling Ketkie, but she was unavailable for comments.

    J.D. Majethia was also not available for confirmation.

    However, our source informs us that there is still a long way to go for the spirit's identity to be revealed in the show..

    Well, it is to be seen whether the love of Hari and Shree wins over the evil spirit!!

    Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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