His Generous Brother

His Generous Brother Completed

His Generous Brother

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NandiniJala27 2 months ago Lovely os. I have always wondered what the Upapandavas reaction was to finding out that Karna was their uncle. That’s amazing that your name is Siri. That’s actually my nickname. Loved how you wrote the emotions that Arjuna expressed. It would have been awful for him to find out that Karna was his elder brother after he killed him. Thanks for writing an amazing os.
proteeti 4 months ago Lovely one, the emotions were expressed so vividly! <3
moonglade 4 months ago Beautifully penned the emotions of Arjuna!
Viswasruti 4 months ago Good work Siri. The emotional turmoil of Arjun for killing his own brother was depicted beautifully in this OS.
Confused_Soul 4 months ago One more fab piece. Very well written.
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