Love Letters' Secret

Love Letters' Secret Ongoing

Chapter 22

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Soujanya_ROSID 5 months ago Amazing update... Sid doubted naina intention... Hope amar find her intention... Prem, amar and Sid scene was so funny... Rosid scene was so cute... Perfect song... Eagerly waiting for next update...
vardhinirosid 5 months ago This was just amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, that cheapo Naina how dare her to irritate Sid, and thank God Sid doubted her intentions, Amar and Sid convo superb, every one should get friend like him, and most hillarious part is prem Sid and Amar conversation, I was laughing like anything when prem said push Amar in car dikky poor Amar, and loved rosid scene, idiots both know they love each other but still thinking to confess, loved entire car sequence their eye lock roli blushing, everything I can clearly imagine , please update soon it's too difficult for me to wait
Confused_Soul 5 months ago Lovely update. Prem's phone call convo with sid and amar was funny. And rosid scene was too cute with perfect song. Waiting for next updates.
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