Passion Completed G

Chapter 3

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C1040751 10 months ago This content is hidden.
night girl
Ruhee @night girl 17 years ago next part comeing in a few mins
Rim_ @Rim_ 17 years ago kool ff...kripa throwin up on angadz shoes LOL!!!! joka....cont sooon...
Numera @Numera89 17 years ago lol omg kripa threw up of angad's shoes!! ahh thats way toooooooooo funny! lol! cant wait to read more that was soooo awesome!
zakiyya @lillzakz 17 years ago i soooo agree with u nite girl! that would be nice! anyways great part! i wud have been soooooooo embaressed! just thinkin bout throwing up makes me naucious.... neways great part!
girlie18 @girlie18 17 years ago awesome part.jus read it al.keep up da gud wrk cont soon
night girl
Ruhee @night girl 17 years ago
lol same here but as long as she dosnt through up on my shoes but instead throughs up on my brothers shoes
Raksha @blah_blah 17 years ago awesome part!!!! haila...i would love to see a customer like kripa!!!
Neelofer Patel @delicateangel 17 years ago lovely storyyyy plzz kontinue thanxx
soaps_01 @soaps_01 17 years ago Great part! Funny how they met! Throwing up on the bosses shoes!
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