Chapter 8

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How is she??

Kunal asked as soon as he found the doctor coming out,

She is stable, Mr. Malhotra. not much injuries, you brought her on right time and save her, doctor revealed making Kunal sighed in relief.

You can meet her, once after she gain her conscious.

Thanking him Kunal turned back only to come face to face with Professor Kumar, Nandini’s Father, who heard everything doctor said.

Kunal was startle at first but he managed himself, when Nandini’s friend Sheila who was accompanying her father introduce both to each other.

Sir, he is the one who saved Nandini.

Professor watch him for while withstood look then said, I know, and thanks young man for saving my daughter, he patted his shoulder making Kunal smile, don’t thank me, but.. Kunal stopped for a while then blurted out, I love your daughter! He looked at his face to see any reaction but there was nothing, it was same serious and straight as before, leaving a deep breath he continued, I really love your daughter, sir, and want to marry her. Sheila excused herself and went leaving both alone to have a peaceful talk on that matter.

You have dare to confessed your love for my daughter infront of me??

Kunal looks bewilder , believe me, I seriously love her, and can’t think of anyone other than Nandini.

And if I denied to give my daughter hand to you??

Kunal wasn’t prepared for this, he just look at professor but again couldn’t get any hint from his face, I will wait..till you agree, but wouldn’t marry anyone other than Nandini, And..


his throat chocked thinking so.. I won’t able to love other than her…so.. saying so he turned to go but prof.s words stopped him,

Wait, Mr. Malhotra, won’t you hear my answer?

Means, Kunal turned around facing him again, with breaking heart of his,

I will answer you proposal, first tell me, do she loves you? Did she yes to you??

Now this was surprising for him, Kunal himself was having no answer to this question of prof. Though his heart said him yes but mind was not ready to take risk.

I … She… Kunal first time ever stumble with words in his life. He have no answer, he looked down when heard him again.

I know!

What!?? Kunal looked shocked hearing him.

What did you know?

I know, she must have not agreed,!?

She hadn’t ? How do you know?? Kunal asked bewildered.

Mr. Malhotra, she is my daughter, I know her and everything about her. This time small smile was playing on prof.’s lips with that pride raising in his heart for his daughter.

Kunal have no words, he just gaped at him for a while.

If she said yes, then from my side also, it’s yes only, he patted his shoulder before going away from there to meet doctor.

Kunal looked at the way he went away, and smiled finally seeing ray of hope now.

Nandini slowly opened her eyes, once her blurry eye sight was clear, she looked at him, Kunal!! She exclaimed jerking up in seating position, he at once rushed to hold her but stopped in his steps next moment, seeing her father is also present there.

Nandini saw this, then her gaze went towards her baba , she gulp hard realizing what she did, she was highly embarrassed.

Nandini, how are you feeling now!? Prof. Walked near her, taking seat beside her he holds her pale hand.

I am fine, baba, ! Aap pareshan mat hoiye!

After check up and few queries by doctor, he went out leaving three of them alone.

There was awkward silence in the room for a while which was broken by prof.himself.

I want to talk with my daughter alone, would you plz, Mr. malhotra!? He looked at Kunal who unwillingly went out leaving one last glance to Nandini.

Nandini couldn’t meet her Baba’s gaze she look everywhere than him, laying on the hospital bed.

You know beta, you can’t hide anything from me, don’t you?

His voice soften only for his dear and precious daughter, she looked at him astonished, her eyes moisten, small smile lingering on her dried lips, getting caught.

Baba.. she get up and hugs him, he took his daughter in his arms, patting her head while Nandini let out her unshed tears, which she was holding from past.

I understand you Nandini, knows you better than yourself, you loved him, beta!

Nandini pulled out, looking at her father with wide eyes, shinning with tears, he shook his head again telling her the truth, and you won’t find anyone better than him, just said yes to him, he is the gem of a person.

She doesn’t have any words to utter against him, she has always obliged him, he is next to God for her, she couldn’t declined his any wishes or words.


How can I, baba!??

She looked at him with those painful hazels, showing him every little pain of hers , which she had suffered in the past, her fears, everything.

He holds her hands tight, giving her courage to move ahead, you have to let it go, dear, once and for all. Destiny has given you chance, just grab it beta, accept him in your life.

If you won’t let it go, Nandini then you won’t able to move on. Till when you will keep on holding the past, leave it, let it go beta. He patted her head.

I am trying, baba.. she sniffed silently on his chest, you have to dear, And I believe you will be successful very soon with Kunal, she looked up surprised, yes dear, he really loves you, no one will risk their own life for others, everyone think for their own life first, Nandini, and I can find perfect groom in him for you!!

So, you wanted to throw your daughter out of your house , your burden can be take off, hmm?? She cutely pouted with small smile on her lips giving him accusing looks.

Prof. Let out a hearty laugh hearing his daughter and he knew she is back to herself now, off course, you can said..

Baba!?? She jerk out of his arms,

Don’t think like that, dear. You are my breath, Nandini. Mere Jigar ka tukda.. his voice became hoarse, making Nandini emotional as well, and you are my life, baba, for you I can do anything, ask me anything..this is nothing… She said softly hugging him again, I love you!

Love you loads, dear!! He patted her head feeling peace at heart thinking, finally his daughter will get her lost happiness.


Later on, prof. disclosed the news to Kunal who literally jumped in joy getting both father daughter approval,

Thank you, baba!! He hugs him in happiness.

Most welcome, son!! Prof. Patted his back giving him warm smile, seeing his happiness.

Kunal was thrilled, to meet his lady love after both of their approval, knowing that now she loves him back, he got successful in winning her love, there was new excitement for he was going to meet now his would be.

He slowly opened the door and peek into see her glancing at his way only. He suck in a breath and let it out to face her.

As he drags his feet towards her bed, she got up and sits back, are you fine, Kunal?? Aapko Kahi chot toh nahi aayi na? She asked concerned before he even start.

Relax, Nandini! I am perfectly fine, look? He opened his arms with a wide smile giving her satisfaction.

Seeing her relaxing back, he offered her bucket of red roses he has brought for her, she took it silently, with a slight pink hue adoring her cheeks.

Now You won’t throw it away, will you,Nandini!?


He asked looking down at her face, she looked up first surprised then realization dawn upon her of his words, Kunal, plz, Hume aur sharminda mat kijiye! Him already guilty hai..

Shh.. don’t.. he put his forefinger on her lips shutting her down, she looked up at him with her wide hazel eyes while he continued, it’s your right, Nandini! You have all rights on me. And then that time I was also pestering you, it’s my fault.

Kunal..plz.leave it.. plz let us forget the past and move on.. she gives him warm smile taking him by surprise , he smiled back.


And baba must have told you about .before she could complete he said, our marriage.

Nandini gasped, what!?

What what, Nandini? I have talked with my parents , and our marriage is fixed next week, you will be better till then!.

Nandini was speechless, she just kept gaping at him, things are going so fast that she wondered, it is really happening or some kind of dream.

Nandini.. where are you lost? If you want to delay..

No.. I have no problem, Kunal! She softly said making him smile back, so you are ready to became mrs.kunal Malhotra!? He teased her.

Yes, I am mr. kunal Malhotra, she smiled back , her heart felt at light after talking with him, while her fingers continued to played with rose petals, she kissed those Beautiful flowers, thanks..they are so beautiful.. she mutters eyeing flowers.

Not more than you, !! He whispered huskily coming close to her.


She startle, felt her breath hitching, with his closeness, shudder ran down her body, feeling his hot breath on her Shivering dried lips, you don’t know, Nandini, how beautiful you are, and your heart is just amazing.. I am feeling like I conquered the whole world just winning your small delicate heart. You are one delicately beautiful person inside out, that I will cherished life long, I promise Nandini, I won’t let any hurt to touch you, will keep just like beautiful and safe in the cage of my arms.

He whispered out the words from his heart making her overwhelmed, his words were like a soothing balm to her aching heart. Their lips were already touching, whispering with each other, he initiated the kiss loving her through the small kiss, she responded back lost in the magic of his love, his hands holds her dearly in there cage, giving her warmth of his love.

She hold him from his nape, pulling him closed while both cherished the kiss.

After a while both broke apart feeling breathless, Nandini couldn’t meet his gaze, for it was the first time she responded him back, she just wanted to hide somewhere and couldn’t finding any place to hide, she just buried her face in his chest making his heartbeat raise in happiness seeing his love so happy and the reason was he himself.

He eased her patting her head and back softly, take care of my would be, he whispered softly in her ear, making her blushed furiously, Kunal..she whine hitting on his chest playfully.

He chuckled before pulling out and then pushed her down softly on the bed making her lay back, take care, he caressed her cheek, then pecked her forehead with affection, she closed her eyes feeling peace running down her whole body just with his small gesture of love.

Don’t stress yourself, I am here to take care of everything,hmm..

She nodded and then closed her eyes to have a peaceful sleep of her life, holding his palm below her cheek like a pillow, she was asleep.


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Before moving forward, they should clear what happened in the past.

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Nandini's dad is thankful but there is a hard line in his approach.

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One thing more thanks for updating on my request 😊

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Loved it Mughdha ... Awesome and beautiful part 😍😍 Finally Nandini father too gave his approval on their marriage & he could read that Kunal is an apt person for his daughter ... Something still hidden behind Nandini past which is making her scared for this new life but hopefully everything gets back to normal soon... Thanks for the tag ... Continue soon🤗

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