Chapter 4

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Kunal reach on the stage to congratulate newly married couple but he got the sweet surprise there seeing her there.


Hey Kunal, now you remember me buddy??

'you know, busy!! '


Kunal just gives him his charming smile,reaching up to them, he handed him the bucket of flowers he had brought.

'And what is it, Kahi dil Laga Liya kya??'

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his friend teased him further seeing that shine on his face , and those twinkling eyes.

While Kunal was only looking at Nandini, Dil lagana toh bahot chahte hai dost, but koi hai jo dil lagane nahi deta."

He was talking with his friend but his all attention was on her waiting for her to looked at him and she did.

Nandini was shock hearing that voice, as she had came for her best friends reception and having a small chat with her when she heard that voice, the same baritone she couldn't forget.

Her guess confirm when she turned and looked at the person.


Their eyes met yet again for a while, he was giving her naughty looks while her gaze was fuming , she break the eye contact and looked back at her friend.

Karan introduce him with his wife and then his wife's best friend. pleased to meet you!!

He forwarded his hand for handshake with his teasing gaze, Nandini gives him small smirk before joining her both hands for Namaste.

Karan left a small chuckle seeing his friend. He got to somewhere about his friends interest in Nandini.

Both friends began to talk on either side, Nandini, you know him, such a charming guy, with huge business!

Nandini was listening to her and she was irritated to heard his praises from her friends mouth.

And I think , he likes you,

What!?? Her eyes widen she gaped at her friend who continue further, I mean look at him, even now he is giving you hints..

Nandini follow her gaze and looked at Kunal who was just lost in her, watching her continuously.


Dilbar mere kab tak mujhe
AIse hi tadapaoge
Main aag dil mein laga doonga woh
Ke pal mein pighal jaoge
O love how long
will you torture me so
I will light a flame in your heart
That will melt you in an instant

She fumed seeing his gaze not ready to leave her, he as if touching her whole body with his penetrating gaze, she gives him one dreadful glare leaving him startle.

He almost spill out his drink which he was having, making Karan laughs out , as he get to know the silent war between both his friend and his wife's friend.

She is one gorgeous lady with killing attitude, isn't she!??

Kunal glared at him hearing him, he couldn't bear it.

You should concentrate on your wife or I should tell my dear bhabhi about you!..

Oh chill man.... By the way, I don't know her much,

Kunal arched his brows hearing him,

Today is first time, I had seen her, other wise Tina also never said anything to me regarding her or she gave some friend named Nandini.

Hmm.. interesting.. Kunal drink one sip while giving her one look, she was having her soft drink, she was giggling on something Tina was whispering into her ears.


Someone is so interested in someone, !! Karan raise his brows.

Hmm..Kunal was still lost looking at her.

Are you sure!!??

More than.. he mumbled lost in her.

So, finally Mr.Kunal Malhotra has found his soulmate.!?? Hmm..??

Yes, it is!! Kunal spoke this time determine, looking at his friend who patted his shoulder , really happy for his friend.


Soon the dance floor was opened for the wedding couple, other joined them on the floor after a while.

Kunal approached his lady love who was standing alone and rejecting many offers , she get from men.

And she rejected him as well and tried to walk from there but Kunal was fast to make a move , he caught her wrist from behind pulling her in his arms.

He turned her swiftly dragging her towards the dance floor, chodiye Hume, she make a futile attempt of struggle since she didn't want to make it look obvious in between people. She was really conscious as her eyes wander everywhere.

All were already on the floor, leaving few people who didn't get the silent struggle in the dim lighted hall.

Just one dance, Nandini..

I can't dance..she turned her gaze from him, still trying her struggle.

Oh..whom you are kidding Nandini.. you are one genuine dancer!!..

Nandini was flabbergasted , tongue tied. She looked into his passion eyes those were boring into her soul deep and his voice, her name from his mouth, just hearing it raised her heartbeats.


Dil se milega jo dil to mehakne lagoge
Tum meri bahon mein aa ke bahekane lagoge

When our hearts will meet, you will start smelling good

You will lose control when you come in my arms

Without her own notice , she started to take steps and Kunal follow her.

He was amazed the way she was taking each dance moves, soft perfect with each rhythm of music. Even wearing sari.

Nandini lost her senses as Dance was her Passion and when she got Kunal with her, her emotions and feelings flow senselessly with his.


Main aag dil mein laga doonga woh
Ke pal mein pighal jaoge

He was so overwhelmed seeing her lost like this. He just hold her close in his arms like a precious doll and just flow with her.

Soon the floor set on fire with these two. All were just hypnotize with the couple dance. They watched for a while and again join the couple with more excitement .


Kunal lost in her, decreased the distant between their lips, his lips touch her igniting the fire, before she could knew, he was kissing her passionately as his emotions flew out with this passionate dance, his hands were touching her everywhere on her body, he grips her waist tight, almost imprinting his fingertips on her soft bare waist.

As it was dark on the floor, with spotlight only on the wedded couple, no one notice what was happening.

Nandini was so shock , she came back to her senses with his kiss,next moment she pushed him hard, her eyes were red furious and teary, there was undefined pain in her hazel eyes.


She was so flabbergasted, flushed, she turned teary thinking how did she get lost herself in him, one stranger. Giving him one accusing look, she ran out from there before anyone could stop her. She stumbled few steps in the dark hall, 'Nandini, he called her seeing her ready to fall but he caught her.

She pushed him angrily , stay away.. before running out.

Karan and Tina were shock seeing her running out like that, although Tina understood her state of mind.


Kunal was furious , seeing her condition, he cursed himself for giving her pain, now she was crying just because of him. he knew he hurt her again by forcing her like that. Today he got to know those undefined emotions in her eyes that rainy day also, it was pain.

He rushed out to search her as he was worried for her. It was late night and it was not good for her to go alone.

Kunal was searching her in the parking lot but she was no where to seen.

How is that possible, it was just a minute, she had came running out then..?? He thought restlessly as he continues his search.

As he was going towards his car, but his steps halted hearing bangles sound. He turned thinking it must be Nandini but ....





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Is she afraid of relationships for some reason?

1 years ago

He got carried away and kissed her. Why so much reaction from her?

1 years ago

Kunal is a goner. Its clear as day to everyone looking at him.

1 years ago

For a minute there I thought Nandini was the bride.

1 years ago

Loved it dear Mg .. Awesome and emotional part ... I think Kunal needs to control & act maturely now as Nandini is really hurt by his behavior & she won't forgive for getting carried away in party full of people ... Hopefully Nandini is fine enough ... Thanks for the tag continue soon🤗

1 years ago