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Published On Saturday,Oct 15, 2022 21:42 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 5 months ago Chapter 20
Fantastic update…. tremendously written
glad that Geet is spending time with dadima, Vicky and Annie
of cos they tease Geet about finally meeting her husband
Geet's thought are reasonable
well she will have to manofy him
hmm her heart races as he nears her
ahh that moment when their eyes locked
good that Geet decided to join Raja Saheb for the meeting with the MLA
while Maan's reaction was expected, he will never put his wife down in front of others
as expected Geet has realised that she just made assumptions of the Royal family without knowing anything
now she regrets and wants to make things right between them
finally she tried to speak to Maan
admire that Maan will never be rude to despite his anger with her
pleased that she asked for his forgiveness
not surprised with his question and response
nice that he gave her time to think of her answer
feeling for Geet
she does have a tough task ahead
wonderful that dadima asked Geet to accompany Maan on the walk
so she confronts Maan
at least they are speaking
Maan's response was justified
oh he threw her question back to her
will she ever has an answer to his questions?
Gosh Geet ensures she will go with Maan and spend time with
I must commend Geet's efforts
oh no disaster queen hurts herself
Maan goes to help her
loved how he supported her in front of everyone and that she wanted to uphold his respect
Maan smartly put Dev in his place
Geet knows that Maan supported her as Rani Sahiba and not his wife
but she is happy......
liked that she is determined make a place in his heart as his wife
will Maan give her chance?
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Gudiyeet 5 months ago Commented blog
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