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Published On Tuesday,Sep 27, 2022 16:03 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 5 months ago Chapter 19
Terrific update…. eloquently written
of cos dadima did their aarti as its their start of their married life
she is oblivious to the tension between them
Geet is clearly shocked seeing Raja Sahib calm and composed knowing that is is angry with her
as expected Raja Sahib will do everything without complaining
sad that he has no one to confide to
hmm both felt something when they fed each other sweets
nice seeing Annie tease Geet
at least Geet realised that her decision also affected the family's happiness
wonderful that dadima wants Raja Sahib to his room with Geetanjali
well he never argues with dadima
Geet is indeed nervous
her talk with herself was amazing
Raja Sahib's thought and anger with Geet are justified
wonder how he will deal with Geet?
loved Raja Sahib admiring his beautiful wife
ahh his heart is not in his control
his dilemma is reasonable
will he ever confront her?
she is stunned that he just went to sleep
Geet's thoughts well portrayed
great that she berates herself
good that she acknowledged that she was wrong to make assumptions about him
every actions has ramifications
hate that he has no expectations from Geet
glad that they did aarti together
pleased that Geet is falling more and more for her hubby
not surprised that Raja Sahib's step family arranged the attack on Geet
they are upset with the turn of events
thankfully Raja Sahib was alert
Gosh Geet unknowingly revealed her address to them
hope dadima tells Geet about them so she will be careful as they now plan to use Geet against Raja Sahib
so Geet is looking for Raja Sahib
he is the King of the people... no wonder he is respected and loved
Geet has a tough road ahead.....
liked that she is determined to speak to him
will she be able to manofy him and clear everything?
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aparna3011 5 months ago geet is finding hard to win maan
love to see what next step geet took to win maan
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akkub.92 5 months ago Nice update
Can't wait to see how geet make there relationship success as husband and wife
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MistiofMistz 5 months ago Very different type of fiction. Its truly amazing. How is Geetanjali going to fix her own mistake and win Maan's love.
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crazymaneetian 5 months ago beautiful update
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