Enchanted Ongoing G

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Published On Thursday,Sep 22, 2022 01:17 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 6 months ago Chapter 18
Spectacular update... magnificently written
now Geet wants to know all about Raja Sahib
alas dadima does not tell her anything
adore dadima teasing Geet
well Geet applied for leave for family reasons
but only gets 15 days leave
loved that Geet's thoughts are now centered on getting to know Raja Sahib
he indeed is an enigma for her
she is clearly excited that he will be in Kalsia soon unaware of what awaits her
Gosh Maan wants to punish Geet
how will she handle her Maan Sir and Dusta Danav husband?
Can understand Maan's thoughts!
Oh she has brought out another side in him.... an angry Maan
now feels trapped while she is insanely in love with him
will she be able to win his love and trust?
great that Geet is handling her duties well
pleased that Geet gets along with Annie and Vicky
so Raja Sahib organised a grand party
Geet's thoughts are reasonable
liked Annie teasing Geet!
at least Geet was able to confide in Annie
glad that Annie advised and assured her
however Annie does not know what Geet did
of cos Geet is nervous as she enters the party
sad that Geet yet again judges Raja Sahib
nice that she berates herself
as expected everyone praises Rani Sahiba
Geet was naturally shocked seeing Maan sir there
her fears are understandable
finally Geet gets to know that Maan Sir is Raja Sahib.... her hubby
not surprised with Geet's reaction
she is totally lost in her hubby
good that she noticed that he is angry with her and the coldness in him
his anger is justified
now she realised she should have listened to her Veerji and regrets
she ruined everything with her own hands
her words are coming back to bite her....
she is no choice but to dance with Raja Sahib
intense passionate dance......
wonderful that Maan is possessive of her
apt song depicting the situation
will he give her a chance to explain?
she has a tough time ahead
waiting for them to be alone
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PaintedSky 6 months ago One of my favorites.
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Tejaswini1996 6 months ago Eagerly waiting
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