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Published On Thursday,Sep 22, 2022 01:14 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 6 months ago Chapter 17
Awesome update…. pleasantly written
well Vicky speaks about Geetanjali but Maan stops him
of cos Vicky sensed that his Bhai was irritated
so now Geet is going to Kalsia
nice that Vicky noticed that Geet has fallen in love with Raja Sahib and that his bhai has lost his patience with Geet
great that he said that Raja Sahib cannot stop himself from falling for her
but he is unaware what his dear bhabhi did
liked that Geet was eager to know about her hubby
glad that she is proud of her hubby
wonderful Geet understood that she messed up her life
hmm Geet is desperate to see hubby
however she has to go to Kalsia
loved that she trusts Raja Sahib and that he will take care of her
her fears are justified
finally Geet is in Kalsia
her thoughts are well portrayed
good that she acknowledged what she did in her immaturity and what she missed out on
she indeed messed up everything
her pain is reasonable
as expected the people of Kalsia welcome their Rani Sahiba with love and respect
Geet is overwhelmed feeling their love
dadima was clearly happy seeing Geet elegantly dressed
good to see a mature Geet
the fact that she realised her foolish acts of flirting with Maan Sir
thankfully she came to her senses at the correct time
Geet was grateful to Maan's maturity
she will be shocked when she sees that Maan is Raja Sahib
Dadima is ecstatic that Geet is ready for the relationship
at least she apologised to dadima
however dadima understood why Raja Sahib did not to force the relation on Geet
it certainly would have been half hearted
pleased that Geet sees everything differently and that Raja Sahib accepted her as family
the moment they were married
oh no the security breach was a result of Geet's carelessness
sad that he is angry with himself
his thoughts, helplessness, confusion and dilemma are understandable
Gosh now she will the see the worst of him
I am worried for Geet
he can never accept that she been a married woman she flirted deliberately with a man she knew wa
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