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BlurredLines 7 months ago The next part in the next page. The tags are on page early
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BlurredLines 7 months ago Since i can't do boxing to reduce my frustration with the show, I wrote another part instead .
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Milalal27 7 months ago Truly this was so beautiful written. I am in awe Are y on Wattpad also?Do tag me for your future stories. take care and be blessed.
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oye_nakhrewaali 7 months ago This is super awesome This is how they should end the show, since its Ram's hidden talent to overhear stuff Really good work Pihu is so cute Shubhu on street
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Gems.musingsRN 7 months ago You should really join the writing team..this is so good..and this is what we want to see in the show instead of never ending misunderstandings and ram being an utter fool.
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Jiyarao 7 months ago Your welcome ☺️ yeah i really did ☺️
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tournesol 7 months ago This is so beautiful, Nita 🥺❤️ Whenever I watch the show and see Pihu and Ram bond so beautifully, I always wonder how Ram would feel when he learns the truth. If the audience feels this way, Priya should feel at least one percent of that, but no. It is so disappointing she only thinks about Ishaan. The time has changed, the situation has changed, it's high time the truth comes out.I am happy you wrote this. I am happy that Ram learned the truth on his own and not by someone else telling him their version of the truth. The rain scene was fantastic. How Ram was hoping for an artificial one and it rained for real. ❤️And I love that Nandini, Shubhu and Vedika get kicked out of KM at the end 😅🤣
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Monaparekh12 7 months ago Awesome update you describe ram pain beautifully wish it can happen in serial also enough of ram dumbnesss and Priya Mahanta do write more
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LyssaPie 7 months ago WOWAbsolutely amazing, beginning to end
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BeyondHorizon 7 months ago Loved this OS Nita The show is dragging at a snail's pace - well no! Scratch that! The writers of this show will put even that snail to shame I loved how Ram executed Pihu's wish in your story better than the show one. And you have expressed Ram's inner turmoil beautifully. It hurts to see Ram look at Pihu like she is connected to him but does not belong to him and thats killing him. I loved this line:It was as if every memory he shared with Priya was broken by new truths Loved this line. His anger coupled with regret for not trying to look beyond Priya's lie was depicted very well P. S - Everytime u get frustrated with the show, its good news for your readers so I ain't complaining
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