Enchanted Ongoing G

Security Members Only

Published On Friday,Aug 19, 2022 03:30 AM GMT-06:00

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ananyachaudhary 7 months ago Pls update soon...have been waiting
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khwaishfan 7 months ago Chapter 16
Interesting update… nicely written
glad that Raja Sahib wants to bring Geetanjali to his mansion
at least Vicky got her address and will go to Geet
can understand Raja Sahib's tension and concern
of cos Geet's security is at Raja Sahib's level
so the security personal knows the truth and is afraid of Raja Sahib's reaction
Finally Raja Sahib gets to know that Geetanjali is Geet
he is clearly shocked
his reaction is reasonable....
his anger is justified
Gosh Raja Sahib cannot take cheating with a partner
well this had destroyed his family
in essence what Geet did was cheating
if he had his way he would throw her out
alas he cannot do so as he hands are tied
liked that he is determined to make Geet accept this marriage
Raja Sahib has indeed been through so much
great that he knows she is still a child
but she has to face the consequences
wonder what he has in mind for her?
now I am worried....
pleased seeing Geet's thoughts taken over by her hubby
she is now head over heals in love with her hubby
good that she is enchanted by him and realised the importance of relations
seems likes its too late
ahh she yearns to talk to him and wants to start a new married life with her
loved that she sees herself as a married woman
she only has herself to blame for not knowing anything about him
she is pleasantly surprised seeing Vicky there
she feels nice having someone from her in laws there
Vicky was stunned seeing Geet agree
admire that he respects Geet and does not judge her
as expected she wants asks about Raja Sahib
she was hurt that he did come and she was not his priority
however she has hurt him as well
not surprised that she wants to know about Raja Sahib
adore Vicky teasing her
he reveals that Raja Sahib hates cheating with partners
Geet's reaction was anticipated considering her actions
wonderful that Vicky assures her and told her Raja Sahib's has prioritized her above him
Geet's thoughts are well portrayed
happy that she is going to give full and all o
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