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Published On Saturday,Aug 13, 2022 14:50 PM GMT-06:00

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UzmaTarin 9 months ago Loved the ending I wish people like Arnav also exist in real world.
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Nush_Rat 9 months ago The perfect ending to an amazing story!

I have read quite a lot of romantic FFs; some with a forced focus on intensity but this one is different and in all the better ways.

A couple who have such deep love and understanding between them is rare and throughout the fic, I have loved how you have explored Khushi's strength and Arnav's goodness in such simple yet powerful words.

So often we talk about Yashidha Maa but hardly do we imagine a man doing the same for a child. With Arnav and Roshan you knitted a beautiful story that truly defined what being a father means. And the fact that their bond remained the same even after the revelation made me squeal with joy.

Amazing work dear! I hope we get to read more from you.

Lots of love...
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Gerli 9 months ago Eine sehr intetessante Geschichte, die mir einen weiteren Einblick in eure Kultur gegeben hat. Ich liebe Geschichten die ein Happyend haben auch wenn die Wirklichkeit so oft anders ist. 🙋‍♀️🙂
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