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Published On Monday,Aug 08, 2022 00:39 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 7 months ago Chapter 15
Marvellous update… Incredibly written
so Geet is restless.....
glad that Raja Sahib has taken over her brain and heart
liked that she knows that her husband is special
she clearly feels jealous of everyone that interacted with Raja Sahib
pleased that she has an urge to know him and is falling for him
oh she is curious to know if her husband is handsome
nice that Pritha's response hits Geet
well Geet countered that
great that the friends discussed relationships and how it works
not surprised with Geet's question
this convo was an eye opener for Geet
finally realisation hit Geet
she is lucky that her husband without a word accepted her demand
good that she acknowledges her folly
she now knows that its not how relationships work
she wonders him her husband is husband
at least she wanted to clear everything with Maan
as expected Geet tries to justify flirting with Maan
but then remembers that he is her husband's employee
happy that Geet knows she was running away from her life and challenging her husband
admire that she knows what she did.... her inferiority complex led to this
if only she did not assume and judge him......
she did not make an attempt to get to know him.....
Oh no Geet is been targeted
Maan's tension is reasonable
Nothing is above her safety and he wants her back at Kalsia
Geet's confusion seeing Vicky exist Maan's cabin was anticipated
though she met Maan, she did not get an opportunity to address her issue with him
he assigned her work and left
now she knows that she is just an intern for him while he husband without seeing her gave her importance to her every wish
yet again realisation hits her
she was running towards a mirage and away from the most caring and understanding husband
loved that she wants to talk to her husband and is excited to meet him
she now accepted her marriage
will she go to Kalsia?
looking forward to them meeting!
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Tejaswini1996 7 months ago When are you going to update
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