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Published On Monday,Aug 08, 2022 00:38 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 7 months ago Chapter 14
Splendid update… Brilliantly written
sad that Raja Sahib had to make excuses regarding Rani Sahiba not attending the Holi celebrations
Raja Sahib is a good King and is revered by the people of Kalsia
but this is because he is a caring person as well
not surprised that the people of Kalsia adore him
so dadima confronts Raja Sahib about Geetanjali's absence
of cos she wants Geetanjali present at next year's Holi celebrations
Raja Sahib's dilemma and frustration are justified
his thoughts are well portrayed
well he wants her to win him when she comes back into this relationship
great that Geet got gifts for her family for Holi
oh Geet's neighbours treat her with respect
Geet is indeed overwhelmed
as expected they sing Raja Sahib's praises and how humble he is
she is recognised as Raja Sahib's wife
at least she knows that Raja Sahib made her image here
liked that she questions whether she made a mistake not getting to know her husband
her questions to herself are justified....
they ask about him and Geet has to make excuses
pleased that Raja Sahib has made an impact on the people on Geet's neighborhood
after all he is such a charming and humble person
loved that heart has accepted that she is married to someone special
she now knows her acts were childish
she clearly feels timid next to her husband's personality
her confusion is justified
good that Raja Sahib's thoughts have taken over Maan
Gosh she dreamt that she married Maan
she is shocked and berates herself
alas she knows that its a sin
unaware that Raja Sahib is Maan
its now time that Geet goes to Kalsia
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