The Purgatory Rain

The Purgatory Rain Completed G

The Purgatory Rain

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BeyondHorizon 7 months ago Enjoyed reading it dear! Donno how it will happen in the show but reading these fanfics gives me some solace as a reader
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Monaparekh12 7 months ago Awesome story loved how ram showed nandani door and raya have heart to heart talk
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DelusionsOfNeha 7 months ago Loved it! It was good to see Ram stand up for his family, for once 🥺 Nandini ka sach bhi pata chal gaya 🤩 toys 🙈😂😂 enjoyed this one! Keep writing!

P.s. you've misspelt Purgatory in the chapter title.
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Poojac2510 7 months ago I loved this!!
Can we have another part of this... please....
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Anonymmus 7 months ago Bless your heart, this was so freaking good and heartwarming. I am smiling like an idiot now. Gah! Vile Nandini Kapoor, I so wish to see a confrontation like that! Aur last mei, the No STD .. toy.. lightened up the situ so well... I loved it <3
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vaidharbhi95 7 months ago Lovely!! Rain has always been a witness to their love story and finally we have it washing away all the pain and Nandu too . RaYa can enjoy the rain together with none of them hating it.. Nandu packed of to village. Haha what a sight!!
Special appreciation for No STD report though...
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LoveMyself_sri 7 months ago Wow loved it
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DazzlingLight 7 months ago Loved it! RaYa+Pihu minus Nandu is what we want to see! Love that they're talking, apologizing, making up and of course talking about toys *blush blush* (do we have another part of this OS coming up!?)
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