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Messed up Heart Members Only

Published On Wednesday,Jun 29, 2022 20:53 PM GMT-06:00

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ananyachaudhary 7 months ago Pls update sooon
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khwaishfan 8 months ago Chapter 13
Fascinating update…. Awesomely written
so Maan scolded Geet for taking her work lightly
he was clearly disappointed with her
well Geet decided to work the entire night to make it to him
great that he confronted Geet about this and brings her back to reality
can understand that he is scared for her seeing her been crazy for him
he very well knows its not right
good that Geet reflects on her behavior
Geet’s thoughts well portrayed
her confusion was anticipated
liked that she knows that she has no right to fall for Maan as she is married
Gosh 4 months have passed
despite knowing its wrong, Geet sits in his cabin when he is not there
her fears are reasonable
sad that she curses herself that she is married
if only she did not make this stupid condition…
I am worried as Geet is falling for Maan….
how will Raja Sahib aka Maan react knowing this?
as expected Raja Sahib ensures that Geet has a comfortable life
glad that she knows he is doing his husbnadly duties
hate that she thinks that we wants to impress his young wife
at least she feels guilty for not doing her wifely duties
upset that she judges him without knowing him
she thinks cos he is a King he will be having many affairs
dismayed that she did not go to Kalsia for Holi
of cos she does not want her face reality and see her dreams shatter
now she realises that she should seen her husband’s face during their marriage
nice that she went home
dadima was indeed upset with Raja Sahib and Geet
pleased that she knows that Geet will fall for Raja Sahib once she gets to know him
her family were ecstatic seeing her
not surprised that they praised Raja Sahib
loved that he respects her family and visits them
she is amazed that he covered up for her
adore Rajji teasing her
finally Geet is overwhelmed with the story of her husband
Geet is jealous seeing the gifts Raja Sahib have Rajji
she feels lonely as they saw KH
she was the one that refused to stay there
perturbed that Geet blames Raja Sahib when she laid the condit
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akkub.92 8 months ago Update soon
Great ss
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taahir004 9 months ago An Epic Chapter

Oh Geet is so lost in her Maan Sir and always comparing him
to Raja Saheb
she will surely be shocked knowing both are the same man
she does feel a bit left out or jealous at the fact that Rajji is continously
talking about her Jiju while Geet does not know anything about her
she is even surprised that Rajji did not notice Maan instead she is all
fida over her Jiju
I think its from hereon Geet realizes she is married to Raja Saheb
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