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Published On Friday,Jun 17, 2022 23:56 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 8 months ago Chapter 12
Beautiful update…. Perfectly written
of cos Geet was hurt with Maan’s rudeness
so Maan feels guilty for his behavior
she is indeed pleased when he says she can come learn from him
hate that Geet compares Maan with her Raja Sahib
I think this is unfair as she never gave Raja Sahib an opportunity nor wanted to know him
Gosh she is upset that he is leading a bachelor’s life yet it was her that laid the conditions?
oh she feels hurt that he just agreed to her conditions and left her on her own
what does she want?
one moment she accuses him of putting decisions on her and the next moment is hurt that he did as she requested
she needs to realise that he did not leave her alone but arranged for a place for her
loved that she craves for her husband’s care, touch and love
however now he will wait for her to let him know
Geet needs to let go of her ego and do that
she feels by going back she is bowing down
its wrong for her to find solace in Maan
she is drawn towards Maan unaware that he is her hubby
well Rajji and Brij are Maan’s special guests at the polo watch
Raja Sahib had no choice but to lie for Geet
as expected Team Kalsia won
ahh Brij knows Geet very well
great that Maan saved Geet
not surprised that Maan berates himself for losing control around Geet
Maan just wishes his wife was with him
he even justifies her actions
Maan’s thoughts are understandable
for the first time he wants to be selfish and wants his wife by him
eager to know why Maan wanted to out each blood that is related to his grandfather?
Geet never leaves an opportunity to tease Maan
great that he knows she has a crush on him
good that he takes her lightly
at least she is stress buster for him
pleased that he asked who her Dusht Danav is
she clearly was angry with his question about crossing her limits
Geet makes Maan feel human
but she is only a crazy intern for him
its high time that crazy intern Geet meet her hubby Raja Sahib aka Maan
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MA1970 9 months ago Interesting update. Maan feels she's a crazy intern who was the only person who was not afraid of his anger and also her talks and antics made him human. Keen to know was his grandfather bad.
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taahir004 9 months ago Fascinating and Curious Chapter

Geet always flirting with her Boss
and complaining about her Dusta Danav , until one day Maan
asked her who is this Dusta Danav of hers
actually Geet is frustrated by the fact that Raja Saheb agreed to all
her demands and she tries been free by flirting with her Boss Maan
on the other hand Raja Saheb does not approve the fact that he held
Geet's waist to save
of course he remembers he is married and does not want to give
any women other than his wife that place and pleasure to hold him
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