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Published On Thursday,Jun 09, 2022 16:00 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 11
Magnificent update…Excellently written
not surprised with Geet's thinking
she is happy to flirt with Maan...
does she not take her marriage seriously?
will she get to know that he is married?
how will Raja Sahib aka Maan react after he gets to know Geet's behavior?
when will they get to know that they are married to each other?
loved that Khuranas ensure the safety of all their employees especially female employees
she is indeed excited to work with her handsome stranger
as expected he was unimpressed that she is late and hates inefficiency
how could Geet dress like that to work?
Maan's annoyance is justified
Geet ought to have known better
good that he sent to her HR to learn about office decorum and dress code
Maan and Vicky share a lovely bond
great that Maan was impressed with Vicky's work
Maan is a workaholic
of cos Maan keeps an eye on his siblings
sad that Maan never has leisure time
can understand his concern for his siblings
hope everything is fine with Annie
glad that Maan is going to the club
oh so Maan cannot take his eyes off Geet
well he is upset and berates himself
liked that he tells Geet to behave herself and warns her
so she noticed him checking her out and confronts him
nice that he tells her to focus on work
Geet never leaves an opportunity to tease and flirt with Maan
pleased that reminds herself that she is married
Maan's anger seeing her work is reasonable
she was shocked when he shouts her in this regard
she feels guilty for not meeting his expectations but hates Raja Sahib for his rules
she fails to see that she is now living freely without any rules
Maan clearly tells her to behave professionally
he was a bit harsh with her
I suppose she was taking the internship lightly
I hope she does heed his advice
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taahir004 9 months ago Captivating Chapter

Geet eager to start working with Maan Khurana
and her little flirting with him makes her happy
however she already disappointed him with her first assignment
as Maan did not approve of it
Geet probably realizes she is playing with her job and sees Maan Khurana
in a different light as now he was stern
and Geet promises to do a better job as her tears makes Maan
angry and he tells her its a professional place while he is not her
I guess Geet now realizes what it truly means to work in the real world
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