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Published On Saturday,Jun 04, 2022 04:31 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 10
Incredible update…. Splendidly written
so Geet is still thinking of the extremely handsome stranger that she was flirting with
cannot wait to see her reaction when she realises that its her hubby
as expected Geet wants to enjoy her freedom to the fullest
will this just be harmless fun for her?
when does she plan to go back to his life?
great that Maan Singh Khurana is the chief guest at Geet's college
of cos Geet prefers to ignore that she is also a Khurana now
Geet is pleasantly surprised that her stranger is the chief guest
glad that Maan has made an impact
Gosh Geet is such a hypocrite.....
she is blown away by his looks, maturity, power and authority
but is annoyed with same qualities of Raja Saheb
well knowing that there is an opportunity to work with MSK, she does not want to miss that chance
upset that she feels he will be a great distraction from her boring marriage
Geet lost in the memories of their previous encounter
oh so Geet did not fill the application form
not surprised that Geet stops Maan from leaving
wow he even remembered her name
she demands to be interviewed
alas he refused to change the rules for her
but she is adamant and he has to interview her
liked his question to her
at least he knows her intentions and reasons for wanting to work for him
loved how he put in her place
hate that she wants to work in her husband's company and flirt with his employee
did she forget he is also a Khurana?
seems like Maan is pulled towards Geet as he is unable to say no to her
yet again she has caught his attention
he is confused with his behaviour
pleased that he warned her
now she will be working with MSK aka Raja Saheb
I am worried that they are getting attracted to her each other as strangers
how will they react knowing this when they realise that they are married to each other?
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taahir004 9 months ago Impressive and Fabulous Chapter

Geet again meets Maan Singh Khurana
and this time its to get her job secured in his company
Maan on the other decides to hire Geet yet he knows she is not
the correct person
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