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Disaster Queen And Mr. Sorted Members Only

Published On Monday,May 30, 2022 00:54 AM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 10 months ago Chapter 9
Superb update… Fabulously written smiley32smiley10
now Geet is in Delhi and has settled in
sad that she does not appreciate Raja Sahib's efforts with her arrangements
great that Raja Sahib is busy with his work
as expected Geet has commenced college and is famous in her college
at least she is in contact with her family and dadima
so Geet is happy leading an independent life and wants to work
oh Raja Sahib's car touched Geet's friend and nothing happened to her
however Geet bursts on the poor driver dispute that it was her fault
good that her friend intervened but this is Geet
of cos she is adamant that they go the police station
finally Geet and Raja Sahib meet unaware of each other's identities
nice that he saved her from falling
glad that she found his hold familiar and he also found her familiar
not surprised that is Geet lost in Raja Sahib
pleased that Raja Sahib reveals that she wanted to file the FIR against him
the police officer asks if she knows who he is
Gosh now she does not want to file the FIR against Raja Sahib
loved Raja Sahib's response
well she is fida over him
wow she even apologises to him
Hmm she flirts with him unaware that he is her hubby
liked that he was direct with her and told her she has no chance with him
he refused to tell her his name but was unable to ignore her
hate that she said her life is a mess
agree with him that she is disaster queen
Disaster queen aka Geet aka Rani Sahiba met Mr Sorted aka Maan Singh Khurana aka Raja Sahib
will they fall in love unaware that they are married?
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taahir004 10 months ago Fabulous Chapter

I like how Geet gets involved in her college
events and also the rally
its sad that Geet is attracted to her very own husband
yet both have no idea for their spouse is
Geet wanting to take Maan's driver to the police station
and lay a charge against him
however Maan himself comes and Geet is just head over heels
with his handsomeness
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kirtikaa 10 months ago Loved it commented on blog already 😃
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swapna.p 10 months ago Nice update..
Continue soon..
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