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Published On Thursday,May 26, 2022 18:39 PM GMT-06:00

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khwaishfan 9 months ago Chapter 8
Amazing update…. Marvelously written
wow a month is over
well Geet feels sympathetic towards the other family members
as expected without knowing anything assumes that Raja Saheb is using his powers on his poor family members
dadi was supposed to tell Geet about Maan step family
not surprised that Raja Saheb knows what his happening in Kalsia
of cos Maan kept his word
at least Geet is curious about Raja Saheb
not amazed with Geet and her thinking
she does not want to accept that Raja Saheb in an amazing person
she clearly does not want to see beyond the image she has created in her mind of him
to her, he is old, too mature and dominating
Geet indeed wants to leave Kalsia and with her identity of Geet and not Rani Sahiba
Gosh this Geet is one confused person
she has laid a condition and he is abiding by it but yet complains
if he was ruling her, he would never have agreed to her conditions
great that dadima understand that Geet is scared and confused
dadima will speak to Raja Saheb about Geet’s condition
glad that she told Geet that Raja Saheb will not compromise on her security
pleased that Raja Saheb called
dadima’s concern for them is reasonable
Raja Saheb did have a point that they should not force her
so he ensures that Geet wil have the best whilst in Delhi
dismayed with Geet’s thoughts……..
she is unable to digest that he easily agreed to her conditions
she just assumes yet again
hate that she feels Kalsia is a jail
she is ecstatic and jumps in joy
Raja Saheb admires his wife but realises and does not want to break his promise
sad that he berates himself
upset that he never thinks of himself and his needs
now she will be in Delhi
how and when will she be ready to see him?
when will they get to know each other?
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taahir004 9 months ago Fascinating and Awesome Chapter

Geet's one month in the palace is over
and now she wants to go to Delhi but she does not want
her husband or anyone from the palace knowing where she would be
neither they should know her name as Geet Handa
Dadima on the other hand can see Geet is confused yet she agrees
to tell everything to Raja Saheb
and wow once again he agrees to all of Geet's demands
and now she believes that he wants to keep her away and that
is the reason he agrees all the time to her demands
but she fails to realize he is just wanting her to get into the habit
of been married
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