Infidelity Completed

Chapter 2- Two can Play this Game

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metacrisis 5 months ago This is so very well written, great job! :D Congratulations on the feature once again! <3
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Ajeeb-ladki 5 months ago Antara- protagonist
MJ- her husband
Nilanjana- her mother-in-law
Barun- With whom she had affair
Rishi and Rudra - her sons
Am I right??

Seems like her father-in-law was same, that's how her mother-in-law became like that..

Don't blame Antara at all...
That rude response from MJ when Antara first discovered his affair, the expectations for the beautiful evening ruining so brutally...That description of her red lipstick and her dress made me even sad for her ..

Loved this a lot❤❤
Amazing piece of writing..
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coderlady 5 months ago Why does she stay in this toxic relationship? Looks like her mother in law had the same problem. Now they understand each other.
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Nush_Rat 5 months ago Amazing shot! 👏 👏 👏
It's wonderful how you tied Antara and Nilanjana with the same thread. Two women who hated each other's guts yet somehow they ended up being companions over the same betrayal and heartache. Bravo! 👏 👏 👏
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moonglade 8 months ago This is again so powerful, so sad yet true.😶 You wrote it really well.
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maaneetsangel 1 years ago Interesting story. It's really a very sad but hard truth of the society. As u said in the start, every man is a cheat, but only few are caught. All men behave as if they are the kings but they are dogs in real.

Well there are exceptions as well. Some men treat their girls with respect.

Coming to your story, infidelity is not accepted. It affects so many people. The kids are involved, the families are ruined. It causes destruction.

Antara went through so much. She looked after his family, his needs. All she got was betrayal. He didn't think her to be deserving of an apology. He instead walked out hurting her physically as well. He was not at all feeling guilty.

He had the guts to say that he can do it as he was a man n couldn't control. Like seriously.

She herself started playing the game. She tried to feel ashamed or guilty, but couldn't.

The end part was fab. When her mother in law told her 19 years. It said so much of her sufferings, her pain n hurt at the hands of her husband n son.
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Shruthi18 1 years ago Amazing and beautifully writtenLoved the edit of Antara's pic as well
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tournesol 1 years ago Wow, beautiful. Loved the style of your writing. Antara finally understood the meaning of Nilanjana's taunts at MJ. I wonder though why 'late' husband though?Keep writing more.
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stormborn 1 years ago Short, simplistic and beautiful I loved the light yet deep tone of the prose....Keep it coming 👍👍
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Nikita_99503 1 years ago Just in time to read yet another awesome piece... Had it been a little later, I would have come here tomorrow morning... It's amazing as usual... So, this time you wrote about Antara having a temporary relationship/fling/affair with some other epilogue to the previous one... And as usual, you have done a great job... I must say, you are really a fabulous writer. Loved reading it... Waise, discussing a book...mainly it's plot twists with my maa or my Di is one of my favourite pastimes... Nikki_srk2020-07-04 14:32:04
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