I Love my Enemy

I Love my Enemy Ongoing

Chapter 1

Published On: 2020-06-30T04:49:26Z

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Soujanya_ROSID 1 years ago super update... Anjali, sanjana and sid scene was funny... Roli is come to her mamu house... What is the secret between rosid behavior... Eagerly waiting for next update...
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SREEJAROSID 1 years ago Loved it yaar update the next as much as possible yaar
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vardhinirosid 1 years ago Wow new ff, i liked charctersketch, sid is really kiddo😂 im laughing like anything for his antics, loved prem anjali scene its so cute and sid and sanjana sleeping again ha ha too cute ha ha sid not lifted roli call so she call raj poor sid about to caught because of sanjana but saved woh now roli is coming..but this sid na too much how can he say that to stay in hotel first while reading i too thought he is jealous but what prem is saying what is that secret..im too curious yar please update
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MessyMind 1 years ago Well started! Sid is so naughty and so are anjali and sanju. Loved their cute scenes. Roli complaining about sid to rajender was funny. But, what's the reason of their enmity. Is it serious? Eagerly waiting to know. Update soon.
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