The Flawed Couple

The Flawed Couple Ongoing

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“When will you be responsible Jigar?” “You are good for nothing Rashi!” “Learn something from your brother!” “I can’t believe that Gopi and you are sisters!” That’s how it was. A flawed son of Modi industries, not behaving how he should be. A flawed sister of an ideal woman, whose greed for money is far from what’s righteous. What will happen when the two become one? When Rashi and Jigar strike a deal to get what each wants, the Modi Family is ready to go on an uninvited embarrassing journey, where only the flawed couple wins. But, can they avoid falling for each other?
Author's Note:
This is another RaJi FF, based on the Rashi-Jigar couple from the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. This story belongs to me and hasn’t been copied from anywhere. I present to another of our imagination in the form of this FF. I am sure y’all are going to love it!

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