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Love doesn't choose time and place. Love just comes. It brings happiness to someone and for others only pain. Sometimes fate plays a strange game with people. This is a story about a girl from a decent family and a guy from a poor family. They live in different worlds. They have nothing in common. But fate decided to play a game with them. Different concepts of life, different views of the world, different religions.He's a guy from the village, She's a city girl. This is a story about how fate sometimes plays a cruel joke on us. About how blind love can be. About how some people use other people... Yeh ek Kismat Ka Khel Hai...
Author's Note:
Hello everyone! Presenting you my Fan-Fiction. My FF has nothing to do with "Ishqbaaaz" show except the names of some of the characters. The characters sketch of Om and Bhavya totally different. I just love Kunal and like Mansi that's why I choose them. And called their characters Om and Bhavya. Hope you will read my FF and will like it. Sorry for my grammatical mistakes. I will try to post chapters as fast as I can and will try to finish it soon.
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