Trapped Ongoing

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Bella Sharma is a writer by profession. Although her chosen genre of writing is hardcore crime fiction and spy thrillers, she's a closet romantic at heart. But seeing her parent's perfect love marriage crumble in front of her eyes, she had lost faith in the concept of a perfect love story. Bella married Vikrant Mehra only because her father thought that he was a perfect match for her. Suave, handsome, well-mannered and successful, he was, technically speaking, everything that a girl could have asked for. The only thing that he could not give her was the one she had secretly hoped to find. Love. At the very beginning of their marriage, Vikrant told her that he could never love her and that his heart would always belong to Ruhi. Disappointed and angry initially, she had eventually given in to her fate and learnt to live with her husband who was more of a stranger. After living in a loveless marriage for a few years, Bella's life had settled into a routine that was both mechanical and comforting. Comforting because over the years her life had not changed even one bit and mechanical because she had faked emotions for so long that genuine emotions felt unnatural to her. They say it is always difficult to get out of your comfort zone no matter how uncomfortable the comfort zone is. But when her professional commitments force her to leave her comfort zone, she is left stranded in no man's land between her constrictive comfort zone and freeing unknown.
Author's Note:
This story will not have (most probably, can't say for sure) any mature scenes but the theme and the basic concept is mature. Hence, just to be safe, I have mentioned it as a mature story. I plan to make this a weekly update but of I can, I will make it a daily one.
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