You Were My Right Choice

You Were My Right Choice Completed G

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This is set in the Kaala Teeka AU realm, at a time when Kali is living with Manjhi Maa, so her character is a little more modern and straight forward. Kali and Gauri remained the best of friends, Gauri supported her decision of stepping away from being a Kaala Teeka and helped her regain her identity. Yug and Gauri tried hard to establish a relationship but it did not work out. Gauri is a sweetheart, but its just one of those things where you cannot help but not vibe on that level with some people. KaYu did not confess to each other because that would undermine the sister pact between Kali and Gauri.(Again, writing on my phone so please disregard any editing errors). Dont forget to like, comment and criticize my work, I am open to creative discussion on my piece.
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