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Taani Shekhawat A sweet girl with a bubbly personality. When she followed Rey and joined his college, she didn't know her life would change so drastically and so many misunderstandings would arise. Even though she was in a relationship with the heartthrob of the college, something was missing. She had friends but did they really have her back? No! they never trusted her and she felt as if she didn't belong with them, however hard she tried. Should she stop trying now? What will happen if the change that we saw in Taani after the fake breakup came way before because she realized her worth? What if Taani said NO when Rey confessed his love after the basketball match? How will their love win if a third person comes into the mix? Will it be a disaster or will love find its way?
Author's Note:
Hi Everyone, Recently, I have been watching D3 from the episode where Taani enters the show. I have always thought how her character was so unexplored and just a side character for the most part. They did show her growth but why did she have to leave? Anyways, so I was thinking about writing a story set on the show plot but different at points where I imagined things could have been different. PS: The story summary is rough and could change when I actually start writing it.
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