Soul Blow

Soul Blow Completed

Published On: 2021-05-25T16:24:57Z

eye 451 star 2 book 3

Ahir has a soulmate mark he is embarrassed about, Shaurya has a soulmate mark that he doesn't care about. Chances of them falling in love? Totally (not) blown up!
Author's Note:
A huge thank you to Serpensortia for the amazing book cover. This story is a dedication to Radiant_Eyes_ and infinitie. I hope you guys like this. If you don't like reading Shaurya with anyone who isn't named Anokhi or with any character that won't identify as a woman, this isn't for you; please hit backspace. I will not be tolerating any homophobic, hateful comments. This story is 18+ because it has references to sex and has some adult jokes. Please stay away if you are uncomfortable reading them or you aren't allowed to vote in India. This story is a work of fiction and holds no resemblance to the show. I am into contemporary writing, so if you think the characters are crass or too bold or anything of that sort, I apologize beforehand. Soulmate AUs are very much common, so if you think this story is copied from somewhere and shouldn't be up here, pm me. This is an original work.
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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 

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