Dreams and Duty

Dreams and Duty Completed

Published On: 2021-01-10T17:04:25Z

eye 486 star 4 book 1

This is a fan fiction based on Sai and Virat or should I say Sairat from Ghum Hain Kisi ke Pyaar main on Star Plus. Sai and ACP Virat are two people who never wanted to get married. Virat loved Pakhi but destiny played a game and Pakhi ended up being her sister-in-law but Virat still loves her or so he thinks. Sai had only one dream to fulfill her Abba's wish to be a doctor. Virat having promised Sai's father that he will take care of Sai marries her to protect her. This ff is a simple OS about how Sai and Virat celebrated their New years eve.
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Neil Bhatt Ayesha Tejveer Singh

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