Easter Egg Hunt Game Contest Season 2

🐣🔍 Easter Egg Hunt Contest Season 2: Find All 50 Eggs and Win 🎁

🔎 How to Play:

  1. 1. Every day, we will unveil clues to 5 different pages on our contest page.
  2. 2. Use the clues to find the hidden eggs on our website.
  3. 3. Click on the egg to record your catch and update the contest leaderboard.
  4. 4. Repeat this process daily for a total of 50 clues/riddles in 10 days.

🏆 Prizes:

  • - All members who find all 50 eggs will receive a special Easter badge.
  • - The top 3 members chosen through random elimination method will win special prizes.

📣 Contest Eligibility:

This contest is open to all members of the site, including the Crazy Creatives and Moderation Team, as they have not been involved in the clue and page selection process.

🗓 Contest Timeline:

Start Date: Monday, 3rd April 2023

End Date: Friday, 14th April 2023 5:29 AM IST

Clues will be shared daily on the contest page.

Get ready for another season of thrilling egg hunts and friendly competition. We can't wait to see how you fare in this year's Easter Egg Hunt Contest! Good luck, and happy hunting!

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