Life OK is a brand new entertainment channel that turns up the volume on the things that really matter through its unique and poignant stories. It is an invitation and a reminder to everyone to value the things that really matter in life through life changing moments.

People want to wake up each day, feeling good about the world and good about themselves. So we are starting something. Something to make a difference to every individual, every family and every community. Something to raise our spirits, bring us together and give us the best stories to enjoy...

We call it Life OK.
Life OK is an attitude, a way to be.
Life OK sees the good in life, and shares it with everyone.

Life OK cherishes our way of life, and the eternal values that make India great.

It starts on TV, and reaches out to over one billion hearts, across India, uniting like-minded people, across the nation. Life is good. And we want you to be part of it.