Zee Muzic announces new show, 'Best of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007'

During Challenge 2007, Zee Muzic launched a new show with Manasi Joshi Roy – Hangama. This gave the viewers behind the scene happenings of Challenge 2007. Now they have come up with another new show – The Best of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

This show is going to air the best performances of the finalists and with that, heart to heart chat with these contestants. Want to know if Aneek really could find his true love on the sets? Or what does Sumedha have to say about Poonam’s performances? Why was one outraged on a Guru’s comment? The show will cover all, and bring it in front of the viewers. It is a simple chat show, between Shraddha Nigam and the contestant, where they talk to each other. We asked Shraddha more about the show, “I loved doing the show. It was amazing talking to these boys and girls. They all are so simple and down to earth people. None have that contest feeling among them. It was nice to know about different struggles they all went through to reach here, and one can learn a lot from that. We had no script and everything was done impromptu.”

Irshwin Balwani, Business Head, Zee Muzic gave more details. "With Hungama, we had captured the backstage reality of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. It was the No. 1 show across all music channels. The Best of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa will relive the best moments of the popular show and again bring in the forefront, some amazing talent". Manasi Joshi Roy who is the producer of this show too added, "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007 HUNGAMA was my first foray into television production and a very successful one at that. The host of our latest production BEST OF SA RE GA MA PA, Shraddha Nigam takes you on a musical journey as she chats with the 11 finalists about their experiences. The show is interspersed with their performances onstage and candid talks, with many a startling revelation!"

The Best of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a showcase of their journey from nobody to somebody. It is a beautiful snapshot that captures where they started off, while projecting the heights they have begun to scale already. It will be a show with some of the finest Challenge 2007 performances and of course lot of gossip and masala!

So if you have missed out any performance or want to relive it again, then don’t miss out watching the show at 8:00 pm on Wednesdays & Thursdays on Zee Muzic.

Reporter: Barnali
Author: Barnali

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Hmmm dietng is fine lekin acting kaun karega

16 years ago

barnali ji,
i am sooo happy to hear about this show.
yet, soooo unhappy that i cant see it. beleive it or not,there are parts of USA where dish tv does not work. the only source is cable, and they only offer one indian channel Z TV.
is there any way some one can start putting videos of that show on the forum. i am sure there are others like me. who are biiiiig fans of these singers.

16 years ago

So more fights.... i think Shradha nigam is the one Krisha Arjun girl :)

16 years ago

awesome!! will get 2 c sum of ma fav contestants agn..!

16 years ago

i really want to see sumedha, aneek and amanat again. hopefully there'll be videos!

16 years ago

will there be updates in if?? cuz i really wanna watch that!!!

16 years ago

bess! wouldnt say no to another bout of Mauli-fever! woooo cant' wait cant wait!

16 years ago

hopefully junaid and harpreet r on it!

16 years ago

This content is hidden.

16 years ago

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