Zain Imam recreates the 'Aashiqui' moment for 'Aashiqui 3'?

So, do we see it happening?


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The fans of Star Plus' popular show, Naamkarann were left saddened and disheartened a few days ago, when it was confirmed that the show is indeed going off-air and will air it's last on 18th May 2018.

Actors Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore entered the show last year in March taking over from child actress, Arsheen Naamdaar and the show has seen some really good times ever since. However, it has been struggling with numbers over the past few months and multiple attempts to salvage the show went in vein this forcing the channel to call it a wrap.

Nevertheless, we can be certain that the fans of the actors will be witnessing them doing some interesting and exciting projects at the soonest.

But while that happens, the shenanigans for the actors on set haven't stopped in any way, where they continue to have their fun too. In a similar manner, Zain recently went on to recreate the classic 'Aashiqui' pose with his on-screen mother and off-screen friend, Shruti Ulfat. But, there was a twist, instead of a jacket, they did it with an umbrella.

The moment was hilarious, but Zain did tag Vishesh Films for the same-

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Now that Naamkarann is ending and Zain hasn't signed anything yet already, do we see Aashiqui 3 happening? Well, I know it's a long shot! But keep hoping.
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sammy17 1 years ago There's a loser called shelly in the comment section who clearly can't stand the soaring popularity of Aditi Rathore, Zain Imam, and Naamkarann. Even though it is going off air, it is going with a bang, as the trp list and social media presence is showing.
canzasana 1 years ago Zain and Aditi welove you and you will always have a special place in our heart. zain Imam you are cute, and honest. you know how to have fun with every one. and shurti you were awesome friend. we will miss you all. @ shelly you dont have anything else to do beside come to our post and say rubbish things about our leads. You are so immature.there are two kind of ppl in the world one who are mature enough to handle situation and stay out of it and others who choose/want to get insulted and want everyone to bash them ,you are the second kind.
Girl_InMedicine 1 years ago I thought people in IF are sensible unlike the fans in other social media platforms. But seems like these bullies are joining IF and polluting this place too .Im tired of speaking with such people as they cannot communicate in a civilised way.@shelly You are making a laughing stock out of yourselfLOL Anyways, love you Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore
nlisa 1 years ago Naamkarann has been logical since Day 1. None of their storylines have dragged unlike other Indian TV shows.
There's no saas bahu drama; they've addressed real life issues (e.g. teenage pregnancy, illegitimacy, girls and child trafficking).

Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore have brought life to this show.
Bat1 1 years ago Zain imam the best actor right now. Naamkarann has always been under rated its promos have always been the best.2018-05-07 13:31:21
shelly_22 1 years ago What big vellas r these NK actors? Indeed the show shud hv gone off air long time bk coz they believe in stupidity rather than focusing on serious work, LOSERS
sammy17 1 years ago That was so cute. Loving Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore in Naamkarann.
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