Yukti Kapoor, Mudit Nayyar, Krutika Desai & Rohit Chandel give a sneak peek about their Navratri celebrations

The leading faces of Star Plus, aka, Yukti Kapoor, Mudit Nayyar, Krutika Desai & Rohit Chandel reveal all about their Navratri celebrations.

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Mudit Nayar, Yukti Kapoor & Rohit Chandel

Navratri is here, and the excitement, joy, and devotion surpass among people with each new day. Whether it be by donning traditional and colourful attire, dancing with dandiya sticks, or indulging in unique delicacies, Everyone celebrates in their own unique way, and our Star Plus artists are all set to celebrate their Navratri plans. Here is a sneak peek into it:

Yukti Kapoor, who essays Kirti from the Star Plus Show Keh Doon Tumhein shares, ''During the time of Navaratri, I kept fasts in order to show my respect for the goddesses who had a great impact on our lives. We believe in this festival and celebrate it with zeal and excitement. I am shooting in Panchagani, but I will make sure to visit the temple for all nine days, and I have always received what I have wished for, always being thankful and grateful for it. I love to play Garba, but due to the hectic shooting schedules, I am left with less time, but I will surely make some time and dance with my cast and crew on the set."

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Rohit Chandel Dhaval from the Star Plus Show Pandya Store shares, "This year we will celebrate Navratri on the sets of our show Pandya Store. Last year I was in my hometown, where I celebrated the festival with my family. Navaratri is even more special, as I was born on the first day of the festival. As our show has a Gujarati background, I played Garba for the track, and this was for the very first time. I did it and enjoyed it."

Krutika Desai, Suman from the Star Plus show Pandya Store, shares, "This year I will be playing Garba, but I will be fasting in order to showcase my respect for Goddess Durga. Navratri holds a special place for me. It is held in honour of the divine feminine. The other best part about the festivities is dressing up in ghagra choli. Since the age of two years, I have been playing garba, and we have been taught that Navaratri is a celebration of victory over evil, where Goddess Durga defeats Mahishasura and wins the feminine power."

Mudit Nayyar, who essays Vikrant from the Star Plus Show Keh Doon Tumhein shares, "Navratri holds a special place for me. I always feel extremely positive during this time. Last year, I was with family, spending time with them and praying to Goddess Durga and her nine avtaars. This year, I will be here in Panchgani with my Keh Doon Tumhein family. We will all be away from home, but I will definitely be visiting the temple for Mata’s blessings and praying for everyone’s well-being. I have tried my hands at Garba a couple of times. The first time I went to a Garba party, I thought it would be a piece of cake. I was pretty confident, but then I realised I was wrong. I saw people doing it like they were superhumans; they had flawless coordination and beautiful imagery. I was stunned by that. It was at that moment that I realised it was tough and needed good practice. So hats off to them."

How are you celebrating the festival? Let us know in the comments below. 

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This scene gives so much positivity , unlike some shows where every celebration is marred by fights n taunts 😞😒😩

4 months ago

Keh doon tumhe is a really good show

4 months ago

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