You are invited to the Grand Wedding...

Star Plus cordially invites you for the wedding ceremony of Ragini with Ranveer, on Friday, January 30th at 9 PM on Star Plus...

Doli hain sajne waali, mehendi hai rechne wali…

       STAR Plus And Rajan Shahi

       Cordially invite you

For the wedding ceremony of

(D/o of Prakashchand and Kaushalya Sharma)


(Son of Inderjeet and Vasundhara Rajvansh)

Day - Friday, Jan 30
Time- 9 pm
Venue- STAR Plus


Shaadi ke dhol, shehnaai ki goonj - the grand wedding of Indian television’s most popular couple is here! Celebrations are on in full swing at the Rajvansh and Sharma homes with Ranveer (Kinshuk Mahajan) and Ragini (Parul Chauhan) tying the nuptial knot with the blessings and good wishes of their family and loved ones. After surpassing many trials and tribulations, Ranveer and Ragini’s love finally triumphs and Prakashchand (Alok Nath) and Kaushalya Sharma’s (Vibha Chibbar) dreams of Ragini’s marriage comes true on Friday, Jan 30 at 9 pm on STAR Plus.                                                        

The excitement at the wedding and the joy of the rituals takes the dulhewaale by surprise as the ladkiwaale participate with supreme delight and enthusiasm! From joota chupai to sitting on a bed full of papads, Ranveer takes it all in good spirits. With the Bidaai ceremony, the Sharma family is ready to bid adieu to their darling daughter Ragini with a heavy heart, as she will begin a new journey after marriage.  Will Ragini be able to adjust to the lifestyle in her new home and win everyone’s hearts or will she have to fight her own battles without the support of her loved ones?

So, be a part of the celebrations on STAR Plus’ Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai and shower your blessings on the couple on Friday, Jan 30th Thursday @ 9.00pm only on STAR Plus

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Alok Nath

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Parul Chauhan

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Kinshuk Mahajan

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D Sharma

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K Mahajan

Comments (41)

@blind horizon - true .... but no one got married like this couple ..... !!!! i think u dont watch this shw n attend the forum .... there are lot of posts n topics on the forums which states tht this was actually one shw tht gave marriage the real importance even on tv like no other shw!

15 years ago

Posted on: 31 January 2009blind horizon
Much ado about nothing as if no one on Indian telly Ever got married....

Agree Not in Bidaai style where expressions, realistic set , and simple cast play a major role

15 years ago

the wedding album turned out be a real good one
specially the last pic -happily married is very fine

happiness is all over in the wedding
the serial really rocks

15 years ago

Awwww.........Ragvir look adorable!!!!!!
I can''t wait to watch this!!!!!!

15 years ago

Yupzzz..... will defenitely cum to attend our RagVir''s marriage,..........

All the best wishes for them......

15 years ago

i really cant wait its gonna be awesomee!

15 years ago

finally!!!! i am so happy! i can''t wait!! i love the last pic of the two of them

15 years ago

god bless u both.........meri to aankhen bhar aayi...i look so nice 2 c both o dem 2geda. luv itttttttt n thX 4 such a wonderful article n da beautiful pictures.

15 years ago

awwwwwww yay intezaar khatam:)
thankx rajanji:)

15 years ago

super super super show....can''t wait for friday....hoping for a great episode!!

15 years ago

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