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Yoga is my first choice of workout: Abigail Pande

Abigail Pande opens up about the benefits of yoga and urges fans to incorporate in their lives.

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Abigail Pandey

Courtesy : Abigail's Instagram

As they say, fitness is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle, many celebrities from the entertainment world have time and again given all of us major fitness goals. On World’s International Yoga Day, India Forums got in touch with Abigail Pande who’s been practicing yoga since a long time now. Her videos performing different postures of yoga are unbelievable and inspiring at the same time.

Speaking about how she discovered the fitness form yoga, Abigail said, “I basically started yoga in the beginning of year 2015 as I was diagnosed with PCOD. I was facing a lot of issues because of that. I started gaining weight, there was a lot of pain and so my Gynecologist suggested that I should try Yoga. I had taken medicines for PCOD for almost a year but it didn’t help me as much as Yoga did. Since 2015 until now, I haven’t faced another symptom related to PCOD. Also, I realized that Yoga fixed many other issues that I had. It fixed my sciatic nerve problem, I had a week core; it helped me gain strength, lower back issues stopped and I got flexible. So, I started Yoga because of PCOD problems but continued because of every other benefit that it came along with”.

Speaking about her workout schedule, she added, “I don’t have a proper schedule per say. Belonging to the showbiz industry, it becomes extremely difficult to workout on one particular time. Having said that, I make sure to adjust my schedule and take out time for workout and yoga. A lot of people doesn’t believe that yoga can improve your stamina, but it does and how”.

On this special day, Abigail urged her fans to incorporate Yoga in their lives, she said, “I would like to wish my fans a Happy International Yoga Day. I hope that you guys somehow manage to incorporate Yoga in your daily lifestyles. It’s extremely effective and important. The first step of loving your body is to stay fit. Also, one should not keep unrealistic expectation of loosing weight. The idea is to be fit and not look thin. I would strongly recommend yoga over any other workout as I said, it helps a lot in fixing many issues. A lot of internal problems also sort of get cured because of it. Be it thyroid, be it regulating your sugars, managing your blood pressure issues etc. So, please find time for yourself and practice it”.

Abigail Pandey

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