Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ruhi informs Armaan about her engagement with Rohit

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ruhi will be seen informing Armaan about her engagement with Rohit.

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The episode commences with Akshu expressing gratitude to Abhira and commending her, stating, "I'm proud of you." A heartfelt hug follows. Armaan supports Sanjay, who, in turn, becomes upset and leaves. Dadi, Vidya, and Rohit enter the office, with Dadi presenting Rohit with a small gift. She warmly welcomes him to his new office, saying, "Advocate Rohit Poddar, welcome to your new office." She insists he take a seat and share his thoughts. Vidya suggests selecting a nice ring for Ruhi, but Rohit feels overwhelmed, expressing his unreadiness for the situation. Dadi encourages him to embrace responsibilities, stating that he'll handle it eventually. Dadi remarks on the commonality of facing fear, asserting, "We have to fight the fear."

Rohit, however, reveals his apprehension, expressing that without Armaan, he feels incapable. He acknowledges Dadi's desire for him to stand on his own but explains how Armaan has been his constant support throughout life. He appeals to Dadi, emphasizing Armaan's virtues as the ideal grandson, son, and brother who contributes significantly to the family. Abhira embraces Smita, assuring her that she doesn't have to go anywhere and that she is considered family. Despite Smita's gratitude, she admits the necessity of learning to live without Anurag. Akshu consoles her, emphasizing that while pain persists, one learns to cope. She assures Smita of their ongoing support and encourages her to reach out if needed. Smita departs, and Akshu urges reconciliation with Armaan, emphasizing his past assistance.

As the staff delivers a letter to Abhira, Akshu questions if Yuvraj sent it, but the messenger reveals it's from Armaan. Akshu urges Abhira to read it, discovering that Armaan has written a letter thanking Akshu for guiding him on the right path and apologizing to Abhira. Akshu praises Armaan's character, prompting Abhira to express remorse and gratitude towards him. Meanwhile, Armaan, resolved to attend Rohit's engagement and win Ruhi's heart, drives away playing music. Abhira chases after his car, uncertain of their future meeting but wishing him happiness.

The episode continues with everyone applauding Rohit and Ruhi. Rohit awaits Armaan's arrival, and Dadi announces the mahurat for sangeet and mehendi the next day, followed by the marriage. Despite Manisha's impatience and inquiries about Sanjay, Dadi emphasizes avoiding work-related discussions. Ruhi, thinking Armaan won't return, agrees to the marriage in two days. Dadi proposes doing all the functions together, expressing happiness for Ruhi's happiness. Armaan finally arrives home, surprising everyone. Dadi explains the auspicious mahurat, and Ruhi, feeling Armaan's absence, agrees to the wedding in two days. Armaan witnesses the engagement, smiles at Rohit, and attempts to see the girl's face. The exchange of rings takes place, and Rohit invites Armaan to dance, marking a joyous moment in the episode.

Dancing to the tune of "Udta phirta," they gracefully take the stage. Ruhi, caught in the rhythm, reminisces about Armaan, a nostalgic smile lighting up the faces of those around them. In the midst of the music, Armaan realizes that the Goenkas have been invited to the engagement – a revelation that excites him, indicating Ruhi's presence.


Yuvraj delivers a surprising revelation to Abhira. Ruhi, sharing her engagement news, encourages Armaan to join in convincing the family. In a candid moment, Armaan admits, "I can't marry you." To which Ruhi, with a hint of defiance, questions, "Should I then marry your brother?" Armaan, unexpectedly, responds affirmatively, saying, "Yes."

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