Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: New generation introduced, Here's what the story is like

In the episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, the most awaited generation leap will be introduced.

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Shehzada Dhami and Samridhii Shukla as Armaan and Abhira in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

The episode opens with a 22-year leap. Akshu, behind the wheel, heads to her resort in Mussoorie and listens to her resort's advertisement on the radio. She calls out to her daughter, Abhira, who stands on a boat and waves at her as the melodious tune of "Khushbu si..." plays. Meanwhile, Naira and Akshara share a similar moment. Abhira hands a bouquet of flowers to Akshu and expresses her desire for romance and a prince charming to enter her life, though humorously adding that she'll have to apologize to a potential suitor if she can't provide change. Akshu responds, sharing her thoughts on romance as a dream-stealing trap, emphasizing her status as a final-year law student. They give a lift to some school kids and reminisce about a previous encounter with a honeymooning couple, highlighting the importance of a problem-free stay for the upcoming booking. Abhira recalls a past incident involving an upset honeymooning lady.

Later, a woman asks Akshu for a ride, and Abhira teases her about meeting her boyfriend. The lady confirms and joins them in the car, with Abhira humorously cautioning Akshu against repeating her Valentine's Day antics. This memory involves Akshu neglecting to pay an electricity bill, which led to a memorable incident. They return home, where a girl delivers laddoos and pickles sent by Dadi, leading to an emotional moment for Abhira. She expresses her wish for a stronger sense of family ties, longing for Naniyal and Dadiyal. Akshu reassures her and encourages her to enjoy the laddoos, highlighting the significance of their close bond. Abhira laments the absence of family relations, but Akshu emphasizes their unique connection, concluding that they are all-in-one for each other. The conversation shifts to Akshu's upcoming court hearing, where Abhira playfully teases her about lawyers who remain cool as cucumbers in court, setting the stage for the introduction of Armaan.

In the courtroom, Armaan confidently handles a murder case, leaving the audience in awe. He receives praise from his Dadisa and enjoys a candy while assuring her that he won't disappoint her. Armaan's mother hints at her wish for his younger brother, Rohit, to follow in Armaan's responsible footsteps. Armaan believes that Rohit will surpass him and encourages his family to give Rohit a chance. Back in Udaipur, the family discusses Dadi's upcoming birthday and Armaan's role in planning the celebration. Armaan considers leaving but is stopped by his family. They share their expectations for him to talk to Dadi about the celebration, leading to an emotional conversation. Dadi proposes a celebration and recalls her first birthday after marriage in Mussoorie, where she stayed at the Honey Flower Resort. Armaan decides to check the resort's details online, revealing Abhira's contact information.


 Abhira reprimands Armaan for his actions. Armaan proceeds to book the resort and encounters Manish. He saves Ruhi from a potential mishap, leaving him enchanted by her presence.

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