Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Armaan introduces Abhira as the new bahu leaving everyone stunned

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Armaan will be seen introducing Abhira as the new bahu of the Poddar house.

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The episode commences with Vidya performing the aarti and tilak for Rohit and Ruhi. As she places the kalash down, Ruhi notices Armaan's picture. Rohit warmly welcomes Ruhi as Mrs. Ruhi Rohit Poddar, but Ruhi stumbles, attributing it to a slip. Manisha points out that the kalash has fallen upside down, prompting Dadi to express concern, stating that Poddar bahus shouldn't make mistakes. Vidya suggests that a designer error in the heavy bridal lehenga caused the mishap, but Dadi insists it's a bad omen, citing the unfulfilled rituals and a broken gathbandhan. Manisha proposes a puja to rectify the situation, leading to Dadi's displeasure.

Meanwhile, Abhira conducts Akshu's last rites, with Armaan and Kipling observing. Armaan anticipates Abhira's presence, and they share an emotional hug. Akshu advises Abhira to bid her farewell with tears today, allowing herself to smile tomorrow. The grief-stricken Abhira protests her mother's departure, leading to a poignant moment. As Pandit instructs her to light the pyre, Armaan supports Abhira, who pushes him away in her distress.

Later, the focus shifts to the newlyweds, and the family engages in banter about the morning routine. Vidya mentions ancestral jewelry, and Manish shares that she and Vidya received nosepins and necklaces, respectively. Vidya decides to gift bangles to Ruhi, emphasizing the responsibility and progress each son represents. Dadi blesses Ruhi, expressing hope that she becomes an inspiration and a leading bahu. The scene transitions to Armaan and Abhira, where Armaan acknowledges the challenges she's facing and promises to fulfill his responsibility toward her. Abhira, however, blames him for her mother's death and questions the authenticity of their marriage.

Yuvraj and his goons approach, and Armaan and Abhira flee to protect her. Yuvraj shouts Abhira's name, but Armaan successfully hides her, preventing Yuvraj from finding them. Armaan convinces Abhira to come with him for her safety, and she agrees on certain conditions, keeping their relationship on paper.


Dadi hints at Rohit's surprise, and Armaan introduces Abhira as the new bahu of the house, leaving everyone in shock.

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