Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Armaan decides to keep up with Akshara's last wish

In the episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, Armaan will be seen deciding to fulfill Akshara's last wish and will end up marrying Abhira.

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The episode commences with Rohit preparing for his wedding, a radiant smile gracing his face as he thinks of Ruhi. Simultaneously, Ruhi readies herself, her thoughts consumed by Armaan. The poignant melody of "Lambi Judaai" fills the air. Vidya adorns Rohit, declaring him the groom, while Manisha offers to do his makeup, met with vehement protests from Rohit and the others. Amidst the emotional preparations, Suwarna and Surekha ward off any ill omens for Ruhi, shedding tears in the process. Manish consoles them, expressing his joy about Ruhi's departure and his plans to convert her room into a study. Emotions run high as Ruhi hugs Manish, acknowledging her central role in their lives. Dadi urges everyone to summon Rohit, who arrives to receive blessings and ward off evil eyes.

Meanwhile, Abhira writes a note asserting that her mother will recover. Armaan observes the scene with a thoughtful expression. The wedding procession, or baraat, is marked by lively dancing, with Kiara playfully teasing Manisha and Madhav. Dadi imparts wisdom to Manisha through a lecture, followed by laughter from the gathering. Amidst the revelry, Rohit calls Armaan, eagerly inquiring about his arrival time. However, Armaan, harboring resentment from Ruhi's earlier words, reveals he cannot attend due to a life-and-death situation. Rohit, though disappointed, assures Armaan that he is his source of happiness. In a heartfelt conversation, Armaan insists Rohit promise to keep Ruhi happy for a lifetime.

The narrative takes a dramatic turn as Akshara's health deteriorates, prompting a frantic call for the doctor. Akshu intervenes, revealing her last wish – for Armaan to marry Abhira and save her from potential harm by Yuvraj. Shocked by the request, Abhira vehemently opposes it. However, Akshu, facing her impending departure, emphasizes the urgency of her plea. She entrusts Abhira to Armaan, expressing confidence in his commitment. In a poignant moment, Armaan grapples with the enormity of the decision. Despite his uncertainty about being the right match for Abhira, he promises to take care of her and foster a deep friendship. 


The episode concludes with a suspenseful precap, hinting at dual weddings as Armaan and Abhira, alongside Rohit and Ruhi, exchange garlands, sealing their destinies.

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