Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara leaves the Goenka mansion with Abhir for Ruhi's sake

In the episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight, Akshara will be seen leaving the Goenka house along with Abhir for the sake of Ruhi.

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Pranali Rathod as Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Pranali Rathod as Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

The episode commences with Akshu announcing her prepared soup for Ruhi and requesting Muskaan to feed it to her. Muskaan agrees, but Surekha intervenes and advises Akshu to distance herself from Ruhi, leaving Akshu in tears. The emotional scene causes everyone to cry, and their attention turns to Aarohi. Manish steps in to stop Akshu. Just as the situation becomes tense, the police arrive, seeking confirmation regarding Aarohi's death, whether it was an accident or a deliberate act. Akshu is willing to accept the blame to protect Ruhi, but Manish states that no one is responsible for Aarohi's death. The police depart, concluding it was an accident, but they privately hold Akshu responsible. Desperate to see her sister one last time, Akshu pleads, but her request is denied, and she's told it's her punishment.

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Meanwhile, Abhi arranges for Akshu to meet Aarohi briefly. Ruhi, in her sleep, has a conversation with Aarohi. When Akshu approaches Ruhi, the child accuses her of being a bad Maasi who took away her dad and mom. Akshu pleads that it was a mistake, but Ruhi pushes her away. Abhir comes to support Akshu, and they have a heartfelt moment. Manish brings Aarohi's ashes home, and the family mourns.

The situation escalates when Ruhi and Abhir argue, prompting everyone to rush to their aid. Surekha worries that such conflicts will become a daily occurrence in their home. The elders exit, and Surekha expresses her concern about how they will live without Aarohi. Dadi acknowledges their fate and emphasizes the need to find a way to maintain peace. Suwarna suggests focusing on Ruhi and suggests they should prioritize her well-being over the others. She insists that they must support Ruhi and seek justice for her, even if it means choosing Ruhi over Akshu.

Manjiri and Shefali share a heartfelt moment, remembering Aarohi. Manjiri expresses regret for realizing a person's worth only after their loss. Meanwhile, Akshu decides to leave, believing that Ruhi will never heal as long as she stays and remains a constant reminder. Dadi pleads with her to reconsider, and Akshu leaves with Abhir, saying that Ruhi should not have to see her every day.


Akshu awaits Abhi and Abhir, but an unforeseen landslide delays her plans. The pandit announces her impending marriage, and she rushes to the hospital.

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The entire season is full of tragedies . Do the makers think viewers are sadists ?

3 months ago

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