Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimnayu denies Manjiri the right to meet Akshara and her baby

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhimanyu will be seen sternly denying Manjiri the right to meet Akshara and her baby.

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The episode of yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight begins with Abhir, his son, asking Akshu to help him with his hair. Akshu remarks that Abhi and their son are becoming more alike. Abhi responds, suggesting that it's only the beginning of their similarities. Ruhi wonders how she ended up here when she fell asleep at her own house. Abhi informs her that they need to attend the Satyanarayan katha. Ruhi questions this, wondering why they didn't go with Manjiri and Shefali. Surekha intervenes, reminding Akshu and Abhi about the puja Dadi has arranged, urging them to get ready.

Muskaan takes charge, directing the kids to prepare. Everyone goes to get ready. Abhi raises the issue of how long they can keep their secret from the kids. Akshu replies that it's Aarohi's decision, and she will tell Ruhi when the time is right, as Ruhi is emotionally intelligent. Akshu then receives a call from the Kasauli bank, where a man informs her that they are going to repossess their house and cars. Akshu is taken aback, mentioning that they've paid some installments and questioning the high interest. The man explains that Akshu had signed the papers two weeks ago, and they need to pay the loan, or their house and cars will be taken away.

Manjiri enters the scene as Aarohi is making the Swastik. Ruhi arrives and accidentally stumbles, spoiling the Swastik. Surekha interprets it as a bad omen, but Manish reassures her. Aarohi promises to fix it. Manjiri offers Akshu the checkbook and suggests she take as much money as she needs. Akshu retorts, asking if Manjiri wants to buy Abhi. Manjiri clarifies that it's for Akshu's benefit, as she wants to save Abhinav's house and be with his child, in exchange for returning her son. Muskaan observes this exchange. Akshu emphasizes that Abhi is not an object and that she is capable of fulfilling Abhinav's unfinished work. Manjiri departs, urging Akshu to reconsider.

Manjiri implores Akshu to listen and admit that she loves Abhi. Their argument escalates, drawing the attention of everyone in the corridor. Akshu stumbles and falls onto a mattress, leaving everyone in shock. Abhi rushes to her side, crying and begging her to open her eyes. Manjiri and Akshu's argument comes to a halt. Manjiri tries to approach, but Abhi warns her to stay away and carries Akshu to the hospital. Manish prevents Manjiri from following, accusing her of causing Akshu's fall. Manjiri denies pushing Akshu and insists that she merely tried to pull her. Manish chastises her for threatening Akshu and blames her for the incident. Muskaan and others intervene, and Manjiri admits to offering money to help Akshu, explaining that her intention was to get her son back. Manish declares that his family will have no further relations with Manjiri.

Akshu is in the hospital, and Aarohi tries to console Abhi, who worries about what to tell Akshu and Abhinav if something happens to the baby. The doctor arrives and informs them that Akshu is unconscious, and the baby is in critical condition during the first trimester. The chances are not favorable. Abhi leaves the room, and Parth, who has seen him, is visibly concerned. Mahima arrives and inquires about Akshu's condition before leaving for a board meeting.

Parth, who is in the middle of a presentation, apologizes for his distraction. Manjiri suggests holding a bhoj (feast) for Akshu and her baby and proposes a trip to the temple. Abhi arrives and confronts Manjiri, insisting on knowing about Akshu and the baby. He reveals that the baby is not well, and accuses Manjiri of wanting Akshu to get an abortion. Manjiri tearfully explains that she wanted them to have a happy family, but Abhi is hurt by her actions and feels that she sold him. He decides that Manjiri will never see Akshu and the baby again, despite Shefali's pleas for him to reconsider.

Akshu continues to receive medical treatment. Abhi prays for her baby, while Muskaan prays for Abhinav's child. 


Mahima delivers news about a board decision related to the hospital, which prompts Abhi to leave. Akshu overhears something alarming.

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