Yash Tonk takes 'Gurudakshina' from co-actors!

Yash Tonk, who will be seen in 'Jaat Ki Jugni' has been taking fees from his co-stars for teaching them Haryanvi

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Actor Yash Tonk, who will be seen 'Jaat Ki Jugni', has been taking fees from his co-stars for conducting training sessions for learning Haryanvi language on the sets.

"It's fun to take 'gurudakshina' from co-actors for teaching them Haryanvi. So every other day, someone or the other is treating me from the entire unit of 'Jaat Ki Jugni'," Yash said in a statement.

An insider from the sets of the show said, "The actors requested Yash to provide them training sessions for learning Haryanvi. He accepted their request provided they pay fees to him. Being a foodie, Yash demanded delicious delicacies as his 'gurudakshina'."

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Yash Tonk

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i think every actor these days just gets up and signs a masala film expecting it to be a hit
salman started this trend but i think it may run out in the comming years

10 years ago

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