Yash Patnaik's Gauna: Ek Pratha actor Rohit Purohit talks about his role and the TV industry!

Rohit Purohit plays the character of Gaurav in Gauna: Ek Pratha. The show is being produced by Mamta Patnaik and Yash and Mamta Patnaik under Inspire Films.

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Rohit Purohit

Rohit Purohit plays the character of Gaurav in Gauna: Ek Pratha. The show is being produced by Mamta Patnaik and Yash and Mamta Patnaik under Inspire Films.

“The special thing about my role is that the character is responsible and ambitious. Gaurav is very loyal, and respectful towards his elders too. These are some of his personality traits that help create this character and are a plus point,” he says.

Rohit’s look as Gaurav is simple. “So when Gaurav initially came from Patna, he used to wear a simple kurta, short kurta and jeans. But these days, because he's married to Urvashi, he wears nice trendy clothes, so it's a simple look, not complicated at all, and it hardly takes 20 minutes to get ready,” he adds.

The actor relates a lot to his onscreen avatar. “I also come from a very small city, not as big as Bombay. So I also came to Mumbai with my dreams, just like Gaurav comes from Patna, a small village. Also, there's a similar sense of responsibility and respecting elders,” he says.

He is happy that the audience is enjoying the show. He just hopes that they are able to entertain the audience in the coming times. “I hope that the storyline will reach more people and be liked. And I am happy that we have come this far. There is a long road ahead, and we want our audience to be there for us,” he adds.

The USP of the show, in Rohit’s opinion, is the bond between Gehna and Gaurav, who got married in their childhood. “Time changed, Gaurav, a lot has changed after coming here. Gaurav got married to Urvashi because of some circumstances, but his love for Gehna is the same. He is very loyal to her, doesn't love Urvashi at all, and doesn't even like Urvashi. So, this is a USP of this show, that his loyalty is deep, and also Gehna's loyalty. Even after staying here, Gehna supports him in every situation, protects him,” he shares.

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About working with the Patnaiks, he adds, “Working with Yash and Mamta Patnaik has been a good experience; it's the first time I've worked with them since I started working. So, my experience is really good. I like the scripting and the entire production. The creative team in the show is doing really well. So, I'm very happy working with them.” 

The TV industry has evolved over the years. However, the actor holds a different opinion.  He says, “I really don't see TV evolving so much because it is still believed that the audience for TV is the same audience that used to watch previous shows. Though I wanted it to evolve, unfortunately, I don't see TV evolving that much. When any show starts, the story is initially very interesting and different, but after a point, everyone becomes almost similar, be it makers, channels, and the marketing team. They get the same feedback that they want to see a certain type of storyline when watching TV. People have different choices for film and OTT, but for TV, I think it still needs to evolve. I can't see many changes, but yes, there are certain makers who don't care about the TRPs; they only tell the story they want to tell. Swastik Productions is one of them. I have done two shows with them and look forward to working with them again.”

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